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Kalapács to head out for a short British tour in November!

by Ivona Bogner

Kalapács, band of vocalist József Kalapács (ex-Pokolgép, ex-Omen) has announced a short tour spanning the British Isles with a “Best of Pokolgép” show set. The Hungarian heavy metal band lands in Dublin, then heads north to Omagh to continue their trip to London, and finally to Manchester. Supporting band Stress are confirmed to open for the them with Korrózió also joining the flock in Dublin and Omagh, and Hunderground in London and Manchester.

József Kalapács is a very well-known singer in Hungary, he started his career as the lead vocalist of heavy metal band Pokolgép in 1982, a band that carved the foundations of heavy metal in Hungary and sang on the band’s most well-known classic albums like “Totális metal” or “Pokoli színjáték” until 1990, when he – along with other Pokolgép members – formed Omen, only to be part of another bit of the country’s heavy metal history, as they’ve recorded another set unarguably legendary albums like “Brutális tangó” or “Jelek” with the band. A decade later Kalapács joined forces with Hammer Records, Endre Paksi (Ossian, ex-Pokolgép) and members of the newly reformed Ossian to record an album of early unreleased Pokolgép songs, which was released in 2000 as “Első merénylet”. This project set in motion the events that lead to the birth of his solo band, simply named as Kalapács (his name means “hammer” in Hungarian), a band he is active with today, most recently releasing his “Örökfekete” album in 2018 which sold gold quickly in Hungary. He also performs and records regularly with an acoustic band as Kalapács és az Akusztika.

Kalapács’ catalogue is quite vast and diverse, as he has released 5 full-length albums with Pokolgép, 5 with Omen, 3 with Hard, 9 with Kalapács, and recorded 4 other albums, many EP’s, live albums and compilations with other projects, with a total of at least 35 records.

Guest of Kalapács, Stress is also a name to be reckoned with, as the band has been one of the pioneers of heavy metal of the country. Formed in 1977, Stress was a very popular band in the early 80’s among heavy metal fans, but the reign of the communist regime meant no good to metal music, and Stress was one of many who didn’t get permission to record and release an album, so they took a small break in 1985, only to return a year later when they had the chance to record a demo with some of the earliest classic heavy metal songs of Hungary, like “Acélkerék” (Eng.: Wheel of Steel) or “Séta éjfélkor” (Eng.: A Walk At Midnight). Stress still couldn’t get permission to record an album, they were only able to do it by the end of communism in Hungary. Their first album, “Kísértet kastély” was finally released in 1991, followed by a second one, “A tűz még ég”.

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