Home News Kalapács premiere new song “Nem adom alább”, new studio album “Világvégre” and tribute album “Kikalapált dalok“

Kalapács premiere new song “Nem adom alább”, new studio album “Világvégre” and tribute album “Kikalapált dalok“

by Vjeran

Kalapács, band of renowned heavy metal singer József Kalapács – who built an incredible legacy fronting legendary bands like Pokolgép and Omen – celebrate their 20th Anniversary this year.

For this event his eponymous band, Kalapács (meaning ‘Hammer’ in Hungarian) have prepared two incredible studio albums to be released on 6th November. They will not only be back with a brand new album with 12 heavy / power metal tracks called “Világvégre”, but a special surprise tribute album, “Kikalapált dalok” was also recorded for this anniversary event. The lyric video of the first new song “Nem adom alább” is already available for streaming below.

Kalapács: Világvégre
2020.11.06. / Hammer Records (HMR Music Kft.) / HMRCD201
01. Nem adom alább
02. Így akarom
03. Világvégre
04. Úgy ítélj
05. Végső állomás
06. Főnix
07. Gyönyörű világ
08. Tánc az ördöggel
09. Nem egyszerű álom
10. Bűn és bűnhődés
11. Az én városom
12. Az éjszaka országútjain

Kikalapált dalok” (‘Hammered Songs’ in English) is a tribute album to Kalapács that presents a peculiar union of nearly 150 musicians, since it was recorded with the participation of 30 acclaimed bands of the Hungarian metal scene. As this is a tribute album, the CD cover artwork is also a tribute to one of the greatest bands of heavy metal – Judas Priest with the Ram It Down. This intentionally familiar remake design was chosen to refer to the title of the album. A new song from “Kikalapált dalok” is introduced every weekday until the release date on the Hammer Music Hungary YouTube channel. Check out the full playlist below! 

“Kikalapált dalok” – Official playlist of the tribute album:
(also includes a video message by the participating bands – in Hungarian only)

“Világvégre” & “Kikalapált dalok” preorder:
(also available in English)

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