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Kalahari unleashes the fury of “Theia”

by Ivona Bogner

The waiting is finally over! Italian metal act Kalahari released the new “Theia” EP, a dark blend of down-tuned guitars, twisted melodies and groovy beats! To celebrate the event, the band released a brand-new video for the track “Zombie Night”. https://bit.ly/Zombienight

“Theia” is a shocking revelation, literally and musically, a five-tracks devastation evoking Theia, the celestial body that, according to the theory of the “giant impact”, hit our earth billions of years ago, creating the moon and causing a series of reactions, which brought our world to be as we know it today.

Theia, titan of the ancient Greek mythology, destroyed to create something more. She is the mother of the moon divinities, of the god of the sun and of the dawn. She is the goddess of splendor, the spear that brings destruction and then creation.

Today, like back then, we live in a world wrapped by shadows and submerged into perdition, not the ones of a lifeless and future-less planet, but the ones of an unsustainable system, of a corrupted society and of our own mental prisons.

In this darkest hour, Kalahari calls upon Theia, the spear of destruction, so it can bring to a new creation and a positive change for the future of our mankind.

“Theia” is available on Bandcamp (https://kalahariofficial.bandcamp.com/) as well as on the main digital platforms. The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered at Mathlab Recording Studio (The Agonist, Ingested, Cryptopsy) by Jonathan Mazzeo. The artwork is by Ludovico Cioffi – LC Artworks.

1. Theia 
2. Followers of the Lich 
3. Zombie Night 
4. am the Mountain 
5. Cabled Core 
Kalahari are:
Vocals and lyrics: Nicola Pellacani 
Guitar: Gabriele Bartolucci 
Guitar: Gino Annicchiarico 
Bass: Joshua Pini 
Drums: Alessandro Visani 
“Theia” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Mathlab Recording Studio.

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