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Juodvarnis releases a new video

by Metal Jacket

Lithuanian dark metal band Juodvarnis presents another playthrough video from their brand new album “Nerimo Dienos” (EN – Days of Disquiet). 

Band members Paulius and Modestas show the progressive side of the album by playing guitar parts of their song “Triukšmo Vaikai” (EN – Children of Noise).

Various reviewers consider this song to resemble works of wide range of artists, from Devin Townsend to Enslaved. The song presents an idea that in the nowadays world we all are immersed in a non-stopping and enormous amount of noise which confuses people, darkens their mind and separates us each from another.

Paulius and Modestas are using EVH amps, Washburn and Sin.Tec. guitars.

Video made by No Brake in MuzLab studios.

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