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Ivan Bajović, writer and journalist, published novel “Rock ’n’ Roll Playbook” in English language

by Metal Jacket

Cultural Center from Maribor (Slovenia) published Ivan Bajović’s novel “Rock ’n’ Roll Playbook” in English language. A novel be soon available on sale in the U.S.A. and in Europe. This is an interesting story about a student from a small town who arrives in a big city, Belgrade, to study, but soon discovers a completely new world and leaps into fulfilling his dreams, one of which is starting a band. The road to make his dreams come true is paved with various adventures, almost all including sex, drugs and rock n roll. The book thereon arouses an inner conflict in the reader, leaving the reader with questions such as: are these my thoughts as well? Is what I am thinking about is actually what I am thinking about? Are my thoughts for real? Why am I doing all this when in fact I want something else?

Ivan Bajović is a writer and rock journalist from Belgrade, Serbia. His first novel “Priručnik za Rock ’n’ Roll” was published on June 1, 2016. A novel was self published and after the first and the second printing was sold out,  in 2020 his novel was translated and published in English language (“Rock ’n’ Roll Playbook”). Ivan has numerous interviews with writers, actors and musicians behind. Some of those are interviews with: Marko Vidijković (Serbian writer), Vladimir Janković Džet (legendary Serbian rock musician), Nikola Vranjković (Serbian musician), Mile Kekin (singer of Croatian punk band Hladno pivo), Miodrag Stošić (Serbian writer and actor), Milan B. Popović (Serbian poet and journalist), Boris Bakalov (singer of Serbian rock band Ničim izazvan), Igor Dmitrić (singer of Croatian punk band Gužva u šesnestercu), Golub (singer of Serbian punk band Goblini), Nenad Pejčić (bassist of Serbian punk band Novembar), Dragiša Manješ (bassis of Swiss-Serbian metal band Evolucija) and many more.

There are also video interviews called as a kind of replacement for classic written interviews. A dozen episodes were made under that name, and it was published on several sites.

A novel contains seven songs that follow the plot of the book, the fate of a young man who comes from the province to Belgrade to study but also to realize his dreams in accordance with which he founded a rock band. By now, three of the seven songs were recorded by now.

The song “Ljudi u belom” (“People in White”) is performed by Branko Radaković, frontman of the band Argus and director of the movie “Lemon Tree”, as well as another 37 movies.

Then, the next song “Heroina” was released by the punk rock band Balkan Revival. The band has one album behind named “Borba Petlova”.


The next band is the punk band School Bus that performs the song “Ljudi u noći” (“People in the Night”). The band has two studio albums behind: “Ljubav, bes, nostalgija” (“Love, Anger, Nostalgia”), “Gldanje u sunce” (“Looking at the Sun”) and one live EP “Live at Psycho Therapy”. 

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