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Is this the end of Finnish glam/sleaze rockers Santa Cruz!?

by Ante Topic
source: official web page

Finnish glam/sleaze rockers and one of the leading bands of the “New Wave Of Hair Metal” Santa Cruz were in the midst of their latest tour of the United States of America supporting Fozzy when suddenly the group announced that it was cancelling the rest of its tour.

Santa Cruz frontman Archie (Kuosmanen) Cruz has shed some light on the situation as the rest of the band — guitarist Johnny (Parkkonen) Cruz, bassist Middy (Toivonen) Cruz and drummer Taz (Fagerström) Cruz — apparently kicked their lead vocalist off the tour bus and advised him that they were no longer part of the band. Parkkonen and Toivonen on the other hand have advised that they cannot, along with Fagerström, continue in Santa Cruz any longer for reasons that have yet to be disclosed.

The following message was posted on Santa Cruz’s Facebook page earlier today:

Santa Cruz fans, we regret to inform you that we had to cancel our remaining shows on the U.S. Tour. If you purchased tickets for our headline shows (March 20th, 22nd, 23rd or 24th), please contact the appropriate venue for information on refunds.

In addition, Archie Cruz posted the following message on his Instagram account today:

archiecruzz – To all ya’ll wondering why the rest of the US gigs got cancelled, the guys kicked me out of the bus on the street like a pariah and told me they’re in Santa Cruz no more. I would’ve loved to do ’em, but what can you do. And as far as I know, I am alive & well atm, so all good. Love to all ya’ll ❤

Parkkonen had the following to state on his Instagram account today:

johnnycruzified – I’m very sorry to inform that I’m leaving Santa Cruz and so are Middy and Taz. We faced issues that we cannot solve even thou we tried everything that we could to make this tour and band happen. I can’t stay in a situation anymore where I have to be scared if somebody does irreversible harm to themselves or somebody else. That’s why I’m leaving. I never thought I’d be in this situation, but I have no more options to use. I’m sorry. Peace and Love ❤ –Johnny

Toivonen advised as follows on his Instagram account today:

middycruz – I am sorry to inform but from this day on it is impossible for me to continue as a member of Santa Cruz. I wanna thank everyone who has been there for me during But most of all I wanna thank all the fans and great people along the way. Life goes on. –Middy

Santa Cruz was/are a Finnish hard rock band formed in 2007 in Helsinki by Archie and Johnny. The following year, bass player Middy joined in. The band released two demos in 2008/09. After changing a number of temporary drummers, Taz joined in 2009. After a self-released EP titled “Anthems for the Young ‘n’ Restless”, they signed with Finnish Spinefarm Records in 2012 and released their first studio album “Screaming for Adrenaline” in April 2013. Their eponymous 2nd album Santa Cruz was released in March 2015. The album featured a heavier sound than the previous and the band has described its sound as “glamcore”. In June 2016, Santa Cruz released the single “Sky Diving Without A Parachute” then soon after, a rendition of One Direction’s title “Drag Me Down”. The band released their third album, Bad Blood Rising in November 2017, featuring the singles “River Phoenix” and “Young Blood Rising”.

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