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IRONSTONE released ‘Brave The Black’, the third single from their forthcoming EP

by Vjeran

Melbourne’s progressive metal outfit IRONSTONE released ‘Brave The Black’, the third single from their forthcoming EP ‘The Place I Cannot Find’.

The explosive track takes the listener on a ride through complex twists, turns and ever changing dynamics. Technical, syncopated rhythms and crushingly low guitars give way to an impossibly catchy chorus that soars into your consciousness with an all too familiar lament. Not being able to go to sleep. Lead vocalist, Dan Charlton, crosses effortlessly from vicious screams to heartfelt cleans, genuinely conveying the sheer frustration of insomnia.

“We always try to write about relatable things and I think everybody has experienced this at some point. An ongoing battle with sleep can be devastating and really mess up your life” says Charlton. “Brave The Black is about dreading that nightly struggle in the dark and the range of emotions you feel when you can’t get to sleep, like desperation, anxiety, and worrying about how you’ll cope the next day. ”

The single is accompanied by an energetic music video that really enhances the drama of the song and the message it portrays. It features the band performing as well as showing an exasperated Charlton in bed, fighting for elusive sleep.

‘Brave The Black’ is the third single from IRONSTONE’s new EP ‘The Place I Cannot Find’ set to be released on the 26th of October. There will be a launch show on Saturday 29th of October at the Tote Hotel in Melbourne.

Dan Charlton – Lead Vocals
Edward Warren – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Oliver Hosking – Bass Guitar
Jackson Whyte – Drums, Vocals

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