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Interview: Zloslut

by Metal Jacket

Zloslut is a Serbian word that literally means “feeling forthcoming evil” and should be translated in English approximately as “ominous”. They are heading with new album and this time we will talk with founder and vocal/guitarist of the band, Agnarion.

Hello Agnarion. Your new, third full-lenght material is out. Your expectations with this one?
I am overwhelmed with the result, it exceeds all expectations we had when we began composing. It is definitely a new zenith in the Zloslut catalogue.

Recordings for this album are made in three studios. Was it exhausting for all of you? Can you just tell our readers locations and names of studios?
Actually no, it was not exhausting since it was recorded in a span of two months. First it was the drums which were recorded in Hybreed studio in France by Blastum (Merrimack, Antaeus, Ritualization), a studio known for working with bands such as Temple of Ball, Glorior Belli, Sektemtum and many other respectable names. Then it was the turn to all string instruments at Yersinestis home-studio Svesnost, plus all the synth works as well have been recorded there. And the vocals were recorded in a private professional studio called MARK, I did all the vocals in two days. I guess the key is organization and continuity.

It is important that we mentioned drummer on this album, Blastum. He build up his name through the bands like Merrimack, Ritualization, Antaeus. How did you get in contact with him… And how did you get on idea to ask him to blast the drums on your album?
I knew Blastum years before we even started working on the third album with Zloslut, back when I lived in France. We used to meet at concerts around Paris, then we remained friends ever since. We even planned a European tour with his band Merrimack, which was unfortunately cancelled two days prior the tour for various reasons. Why have we decided to ask him, is because our drummer Nav was not in the position to record anything due to many personal obligations, which we as a band fully understood. When Nav told us about this issue, I knew that if we were to have real drums on our album, the first guy which I had in mind to ask was Blastum… He had a quick listen to the demo tracks, and he liked it. The rest of the story is on the album.

Four years passed by since your last album? Where were you with Zloslut? Any gigs, tours? What was with the band in that “silent” period?
Actually, it was a bit less, more like three years. Indeed we were silent, but behind the curtain it was hard working all the time. Besides, there were many things that did not happen like the 2017 tour I mentioned earlier. So publicly we had to make a step back in order to make two step forward as a band. The album was indeed the priority.

Since Balkan region is not so known for numerous black metal names, is it hard to find members for this type of music? To share your passion for black metal art and to share your visions that you put in lyrics?
Yes it is, the ones that I know have already their bands and they cannot add another one because life around here as you know is not really a luxury. For example, we are looking for a rhythm guitarist for future shows, and many are not in the position to undertake that, and those that want cannot execute the newer compositions. We have some auditions, but every second person is not from our country.

New album is called “Sahar”, if I’m not mistaken in few old languages of the world “Sahar” is word for the “dawn”? Is that you reference for Lucifer (“morning star”) and his occult side, or…? What is the main theme in lyrics on this album?
I like the way you analyzed the album title, although no one in the band had that specifically in mind. “Sahar” is an old Persian word for “dawn”, you are correct. But we see this new album as a sort of new beginning, hence “dawn”. Also if you compare the new album with its predecessors you may notice that the new one has a strong spiritual “accent” and it less about nihilism. Enlightenment is definitely the word, although it sounds cliché I know, but it is what it is. Also, since the lyrics may give pictures of desert, quests, sun etc… We found that the word “Sahar” somehow vibrates very well. But you know, just like a book I like to let the listener interpret what he listens, reads etc… Nothing is strict.

When we’re talking about new material, we must talk about front cover. It is brilliant and it is made by great but unfortunately and tragically deceased, Ana Sambol. When did you came on idea to ask Ana to work on your front cover? And why you asked her specifically?
Ana was presented to us by our drummer, we all had a look at her work and we loved very much her technique. I contacted her and we talked very much, we even found out that we have met years before at a festival. I felt that she knew precisely what we needed, so after a small sketch of mine I left her all the freedom to expand. And last year, the inevitable came earlier, it was tragic to everyone. May she shines forever in better worlds…

“Sahar” is out through the Polish label Morbid Chapel Records. How did you get in touch with label and are you satisfied with their work on release?
Morbid Chapel Records was presented to Inomatanas by our common friend Unholy Carnager from Angelgoat. We are in a daily contact with the owner basically since day one. He is a professional, an UG fighter, and above all a good friend now.

You have any plans for live gig in purpose of promotion your new album?
Yes we do, but nothing concrete yet…

What near future holds for Zloslut? Any plans for touring? Some new materials already in motion?
Touring, no, I honestly don’t think so, but a concert from time to time I think is a much better idea… But yes, we have some new riffs and lyrics in work. So definitely we are not going to take any vacations.

Thank you for your time and will for this interview. Last words are yours my friend…
Thank you Aleks for your endless support over the years and to everyone who is reading this. Stay true to yourselves!

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