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Interview with Nino from Heavy Metal Shipwreck

by Darko Rajic

After a long time we can enjoy the concerts again. Come to Pula, board a boat and enjoy great gigs at Heavy Metal Shipwreck. We talked to Nino Alić, one of the organizers, who answered a few questions.

Hello, Nino! Firstly, tell us something about how the Heavy Metal Shipwreck project started?
For years I have seen similar events in America and Europe so we decided to try something like that here. Why shouldn’t Croatia have heavy metal concerts on boats?

Who is included in organization and planning?
Hibrid and myself have organized a concert on a boat two years ago in Pula with punk and grindcore bands. For reasons known to everyone, we decided not to repeat the event last year but this year we are at it again. We were happy to get in touch with Đole, a well known ship-owner in Pula, who graciously lent us a large enough boat. Others have helped us with promotion and getting in touch with the bands.

In these unusual times, how difficult was it to organize an event like this?
This is exactly what we need in crazy times like this. Nothing is difficult if you do it with joy.

Shipwreck will feature 5 bands – can you tell us more about the layout, where the bands and audience will be during the concerts?
The boat has three decks. The bands will be on the topmost, and smallest one. The second and larger deck will be for the audience and the lower deck will be a sort of lounge area, for chilling, drinking and hanging out.

Are there plans for similar projects in the future?
The idea is to create Shipwreck events for different music genres. We are planning a punk themed one soon, however we are open to other genres as well. If possible,  we would also like to organize events on one of the smaller islands surrounding Pula.

Thank you so much for your time and we hope there will be more events like this in the future.
Thank you from everyone here at Shipwreck and see you on July 3rd for the chaos.

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