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Interview with Kamäradi: Copy-paste culture has unfortunately gone very deep into metal as well.

by Vjeran

Greetings, soon ther will be a big concert in Split, so it’s time to remember Kamäradi and what they are doing today and what they are preparing for the concert in Split. For start, how did you and how did you handle this two-year closure?
First of all, thank You for the interview invitation. We really appreciate the fact that MJM continuously monitors the work of our band and promotes metal for so many years.
We used the so-called “Covid break” to prepare and record our third release, the new album “Metal Infekcija ” (after the EP “Impetus” from 2016 and the full length album “Surovo i sirovo” from 2018) , and a couple of gigs were played: official and “unofficial”. Also, a new, fourth member, guitarist Mihael, joined the band, so it took some time to get together as a quartet. In general, we were not bored. And we drank beer constantly.

We know you haven’t slept all this time. New songs are being recorded, material is being prepared and here it has seen the light of day. Can you tell us a bit more about that, where did you record the album and how long did the recording take?
“Metal infekcija ” was made in the studio of our friend Robert Mahović-Maha; it was recorded, produced, mastered for about 8-9 months, maybe a little longer, but it paid off – we got the old school metal sound we wanted. Thank you Maha for the great effort! There are eight songs on the album and each one is a bit different in style than the other, but they are again bound by that old-school connection. The graphic design part was done by Saša from „Arts of the unspeakable“ , the backing vocals were sung by our friends for a couple of beers, and we have a special guest on keyboards -that we otherwise never use in our songs – Mr. Deda ( from the band Hladno pivo).

Who published the new material, and where will album be available?
We are releasing the album in collaboration with the “Listen ludest” label from Zagreb, and it is available in physical form as a CD release and of course you can stream it on all major and minor music platforms: Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Instagram / Facebook , TikTok, Resso & Luna, YouTube Music, Amazon, Soundtrack by Twitch, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Soundcloud … You can get the CD by contacting us in the band’s inbox, on Facebook or Instagram , or on our e-mail kamaradicro @ gmail.com and / or in the inbox of the Label. We will try to enable the CD to be bought in one of the music stores.

How did you come to work with Listen Loudest?
The agreement on cooperation with Listen Loudest was short and efficient, mutual interest and sympathy was quickly established.

You released the last album for Miner records, were you satisfied with that collaboration?
As for the former Miner Records label, we will be eternally grateful to them for we were the first and only to experience the opportunity at the beginning with the release of the EP “Impetus”, and later the album “Surovo i sirovo ” and support in the organization of concerts and promotion in general. But over time, in this two-year “crown-break” home, we got the impression that they were slowly but surely losing interest in doing this business, there was no more organizing, or even trying to organize gigs, etc., while our interest grew over time… So we concluded that there is no point in continuing to cooperate on such a basis.

You have been in metal for many years and how do you see metal music then and now?
Uh, that’s a question we could talk about for hours, haha, talking about it can only lead us to new questions, so let’s go in the style of Kamäradi, to simplify things:
We are an example of a band where the band members are completely different generations; I am 54 years old, Kera (bass) is a little younger, Mateo (drummer) is much younger than us, and Mihael (lead guitar) is – only 18. Each of us prefers a different (sub)genre of metal, we grew up in different periods, but when we prepare songs and we play them – we are unique and we understand each other completely. So we are all infected with metal infection, and that is what connects the metal “once” and the metal “today” -affected & infected metalheads!

Is there anyone you would single out on that scene, be it a band, or individual who contributed to metal?
Haha, again a question for loooong conversations, with liters of beer. In short, I think most will agree that the influences of Black Sabbath in “their” era of “metal creation” and Metallica in the later era of planetary “metal popularization” are undeniable.
But between and after that we have dozens and hundreds of very important bands, which we could list here indefinitely. It’s hard to imagine a metal world today without Judas Priest or without Cannibal corpse, or Mayhem, etc. Everyone contributes something – trying to be innovative. The problem is that there are more and more bands that do not want to be innovative at all, and even worse is that a large number of audiences do not mind at all. How will metal be built on such foundations- is the real question! Copy-paste culture has unfortunately gone very deep into metal as well.

You will soon be playing in Split. What can visitors expect?
We will play all the songs from our new album, that’s for sure, and a bunch of old things, as much as we can get. We always do our best at the concert, for us metal is primarily energy, shared by the band and people who came to concert.We will celebrate metal and have a good time! This is the first concert where our new member Mihael will play, and the first after a long time that we will play as a quartet. So, it’s a special gig for us !

Do you already have some concerts scheduled after Split?
Yes, we definitely have a confirmed gig in Slovenia, in Trbovlje, at CAHNFEST, June 24, 2022. These days we are talking about a some concert in Zagreb, and we plan to arrange something for Slavonia as well.

Is it harder to sing metal music in Croatian or English and what are your lyrics about?
As for the singing itself, I think it’s easier in English, but it’s easier and more accurate for me to express myself emotionally in Croatian. Our lyrics are in Croatian, but I can announce that 10 years of the band’s existence, somewhere in 2024, could be “celebrated” by releasing an album in English, which would be a complication of things from previous albums, re-produced and partially re-played, with a bonus of some new things.
Our lyrisc are about life, about real people and events, about us, about me, about you, about real men and real women, real lives and deaths, about drinking and having fun, but also about politics, about Heaven and Hell, but not in the clouds or miles below the earth’s surface, but about real life now and here, which is both heaven and hell.

And finally if you want to say something to the readers of Metal Jacket Magazine.
The fact that you are MJM readers means that you metalheads are intelligent enough that you don’t need some “advice” or “smart messages” from a small underground band from Croatia like us, and if you paid attention to this interview and maybe listened to some of our song – this is the biggest award we can get from you, so we just want to thank You for your attention!

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