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Interview: Shores of Null

by Tomislav Kuternik

Since the Italian young doom mongers called Shores of Null are having a voyage once again in Zagreb, Croatia in the cult Vintage Industrial Bar on the 5th of December, Metal Jacket Magazine had an opportunity to chat a bit with Raffaele and Davide about the origins of the band, musical style and more.
By the words of Davide, read the interview and let’s get sad together!

Hello guys, thanks for your time and welcome Metal Jacket Magazine, how are you doing at the moment?
Raffaele: Hi there. We’re currently on the road to Winter Days Of Metal in Slovenia, it will be the first gig of this tour that will keep us travelling for 8 days and will get us back to Zagreb from which I still have a pleasant memory of the last time. We’re also working on our third record and we hope to be able to finish the tracks very soon. It will be amazing to go back to the studio and record the new material.

How is the tour going and is this your first visit to Croatia?
Raffaele: As I just said, it’s not the first time we’re coming to Croatia. During our first European tour with our friends Doomraiser we made a stop in Zagreb and we can’t wait to come back.

Shores of Null contains members from bands like with Zippo, The Orange Man Theory, Noumeno, Il Grande Scisma d’Oriente, Mens Phrenetica. What is the main reason for forming a new band?
Raffaele: We all come from bands with different backgrounds and influences but some of us take a strong inspiration from all things gothic/doom. Me and Gabriele have been knowing each other for many years and we’ve been discussing about doing something together for a long time. At some point I wrote two songs that were too distant from the style of Mens Phrenetica, my former band, and I sent him the tracks. That was the beginning of the band.
In parallel also Gabriele and Davide were talking about starting a band together, for our same reasons. The will to play something that had a melancholic vibe to it got us together so when the final demos were ready we sent them to Davide and then we found Emiliano and then Matteo. The gloomy band was formed.

Shores of Null is still relatively a new band but the members are much longer in the metal scene, is there the same attitude when you are starting over again or you already know what to do and what not unlike maybe a decade ago?
Davide: Of course we know more stuff now, but in a way it’s always like starting from scratch. It’s beautiful, it’s challenging. I personally approach music with the same enthusiasm I had 10 years ago. In my case it’s always heart first.

The sound is quite different from your past bands, what was the motivation to switch into a darker sound?
Davide: I’ve always been attracted by the dark side of music, I prefer sad, melancholic, somber songs, especially when combined with heavy crushing guitars and expressive vocals, that’s my cup of tea. Shore Of Null was born to chase the kind of feeling that couldn’t be expressed with our former bands.

What’s the story behind the name of the band?
Davide: It’s never easy to choose the name for a new band so I thought we needed a name that could be unique, that kind of name that when you google it you’re the first one to pop out. Believe me, having also a band called Zippo I know what I’m talking about. 🙂 At first I wanted to combine two different languages, Shores (English) and Null (Zero in German), then I realized that Null has a meaning in English too, that in Italian is similar to the world Nulla (Nothingness) and also that means something in computer programming, a field that is also the main job of Gabriele and Raffaele. The name clearly has to do with water, an element that is very crucial to life and that I feel very connected with. Shores Of Null just sounded great together, it can have multiple reading keys but I like to think of it as a peaceful place where we can start from zero leaving all the pain behind. When the name first appear in my brain I was in Budapest very close to the Danube river, it clearly had a big impact on me.

Your two albums Quiescence and Black Drapes for Tomorrow are released through Candlelight records but you are currently on Spinefarm. What Happened?
Raffaele: This is a good question. When we debuted with “Quiescence” the interest of Candlelight was a great news. We were enthusiasts to be part of such a label. Then shortly before releasing “Black Drapes For Tomorrow””Candlelight was somehow absorbed by Spinefarm, who acquired the whole catalog, including us and the future album.

How would you describe your music? It is flirting with more genres.
Raffaele: We have many influences that we don’t try to hide. We listen to bands like Enslaved, Amorphis, Katatonia, Swallow the Sun, Insomnium, etc. Our music takes something from these bands for sure. If I had to describe it in just a few words I would say it is sad and melancholic with tiny hints of hope.
Davide: the main comparison we got with the first album was with Alice In Chains, especially for the vocal harmonies. Seattle meets Scandinavia was one of the things I happened to read on the web and lots of people had the same feeling about it, which honestly makes me very proud of what we’ve done.

Thank for your time and MJM wishes you best of luck on tour a great gig in Zagreb! Any words for the Croatian crowd?
Raffaele: Thank you, we’re looking forward to playing for you. Come and meet us after the show, we’d gladly have a drink with you.
Davide: Bring your friends and let’s get sad together.

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