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Interview Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench: Make great music and don’t be a cunt!

by Metal Jacket
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Ove godine se održava treći po redu Dark O Metal fest i na njemu će svirati Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench. Povodom toga smo porazgovarali sa Martinom iz benda.

MJM: Hello, first thing first, please introduce the band. Many fans greatly enjoy the original powerhouse that was Pungent Stench and they still do. In what ways is Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench different and in what ways they are same.

Martin: The band consists of Mike G. Mayhem on drums, Danny Vacuum on bass and myself on guitars and vocals. We’ve been playing since December 2013 and the goal of this project is keeping the music of Pungent Stench alive. So basically, I’m paying tribute to my own band, haha!

MJM: How did it happen? 12 years ago Pungent Stench released their last album, a pretty fun and catchy Ampeauty and then it split up in 2007. What exactly happened afterwards?

Martin: We recorded another album, afterwards, but the band broke up during the mixing process. The album was never released, but will see the light of day, eventually. I’m not going into detail about the internal disputes during the last 9 years, but instead I have some god news, after all. Besides the unreleased album, our entire discography will be available again, as well as official merchandising! There’s no release schedule yet, but I’ll keep our web sites updated, so make sure to check them out, regularly.

MJM: Your band is pretty actively playing on festivals all around. Will Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench stay a live band or will you make a new album?

Martin: It’s a live band.

Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench tour

MJM: What is your favorite Pungent Stench release and what would you say is your favorite metal album?

Martin: That would be “Been Caught Buttering” or “For God Your Soul…”, because these two album probably marked the heyday of our creativity. My favorite metal album? I’d have to say Venom’s “Black Metal”, because it was so influential on my musical career.

MJM: Have you guys ever been to Croatia with any incarnation of the band?

Martin: We’ve played in Pula on our 1994 tour with Macabre and Brutal Truth.

MJM: Got any anectodes from the gigs you were on? Anything crazy happening?

Martin: I remember the show being near the end of a 2 month European tour and we were all pretty worn out from all the abuse, but Dennis the Menace – Macabre’s drummer – was in really bad shape that night. He puked 2 or 3 times just during their show! What a laugh!

MJM: What is your opinion on the scene of today? How would you ”fix it” if it needs fixing?

Martin: I only care about music and don’t give a shit about scenes, because I’m way too nonconformist to affiliate myself with any groups or scenes.

MJM: To round it all up, do you have any tips for fresh blood on the scene?

Martin: Make great music and don’t be a cunt!

MJM: Thank you very much for the interview.

Martin: Thanks for your support!

Written by Filip Gudan

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