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Interview: Sanatorium

by Marin Soldatic

Sanatorium is one of those bands that never stepped out from underground. Coming from Slovakia and being Brutal death metal band didn’t help them much. But 25 years and four albums later they are still here blasting our ears with the most brutal music out there. To celebrate first 25 years band re-released their first LP “Arrival Of The Forgotten Ones”, good enough reason to contact them and see what is new with the band. Enough talking, do yourself a favour and get their CDs. Ladies and gentleman, we present you Sanatorium!

Hi, as this is the first time we introduce Sanatorium in our magazine, can you tell us something more about the band?
Hello, we are Sanatorium, we are from Slovakia, we have now 25 years on the scene. We were quite active during the period of 1996-2012, when we have played hundreds of shows in Europe, toured a lot etc. After 2012 we have slowly disappeared from the stages, but we are still active band. I, Martin, have lived and worked now for 5 years in middle east, so during this time it was not possible to play so much, but we tried to have some 2-3 shows per year when I was back in home country. But will probably return soon as I am tired of the work and we will continue to play more.

What is the story behind band name?
Not sure, I think the name was chosen by our ex-drummer Alky, so I don’t remember so much. But probably it was taken as it means home for mentally ill people. What we are. 🙂

After few years of silence you have just re-released your first LP “Arrival Of The Forgotten Ones” why have you decided to do that now?
We have received this offer just some 2-3 weeks before the release, so it was not so much time to think. It was an offer like: “take it or leave it” 😀 We are not in the position to think so much about, we agreed almost immediately as we know Petr from Parat Magazine for long time and he is really cool guy and total maniac. So we know that distribution will be fine and that’s important. As it was 20 years now of this release (Arrival of the forgotten ones was originally released by Erebos Prod back in 1999), it was great opportunuty to put some old demos like bonus.

This release features a real treat for the fans, “Subculture” demo and “Autumn Shadows” EP, which were never released on CD. Did you released it in original format or you did some remixing/remastering?
We have released those demos from mp3s we have found from internet. 🙂 My friend Brano has done light mastering to it, but sound should be same like on the demos. Like I wrote before, it was very limited time, I have maybe somewhere also original DAT tapes, but as I live for 5 years now in Dubai, it was impossible to get it in time. So sound is identical to demos, our request to Brano was to do slight mastering and especially to do something with loudness. As on the demo tapes it was quite quitly comparing to music on CDs now.

Are you planning to do some live shows to promote this release and celebrate the 20 years of “Arrival Of The Forgotten Ones”?
Yeah, definitely, we have also booked a lot of shows for autumn 2019 with this program. We have decided to play complete “Arrival of the forgotten ones” album live (which has never happened before, actually) + some songs from demos (not sure yet, but we will play LD-50 song from Subculture demo for sure). We will start to rehearse soon, I think 6 month is enough for rehearse and we have to remember how to play those songs as well. So it will be a lot of fun. On these planned shows we will not play any newer songs as we play little different music now with different tuning and different guitar strings. As you probably now, we are more brutal DM band now and this old stuff was more melodic.

Any plans for a new album?
We are promising new album from 2010, but… It is not very easy to finish it due to my work out of EU, but as there is new motivation with this release and we are receiving a lot of support, we are thinking to take care of the band more serious and in 2020 to finish new album and start to play more. But I really can’t promise, we are almost all now 40+, some of us has kids, families etc. But as I plan to move from Dubai soon, there is a chance. Not sure if I can live longer in European Soviet Union, but will try and we will see.

Are you gonna to keep traditional Sanatorium sound or there will be some changes?
Not sure about this. But we like new things, so we will probably change sound a little. But do not think that new album will be melodic or something similar. We always try to go more extreme, brutal etc. So this is quite untypical attitude when many bands are now more melodic and slower, we do not think this could be working for us as we really love brutal DM, slam, gore/grind etc.

You have really “sick” lyrics, where do you find inspiration for them and are you going to keep that direction in the future?
When you are 20 it is easy to write sick lyrics, but it is pretty hard to do same when you are 43 like I am now. 🙂 But I think we will keep the direction, but can’t promise. I am just sure that our lyrics will not be political or with any kind of activism. Still, nobody understands a shit when I sing, so lyrics are not very important to us. And we are not prophets to say something to anybody.

Who are your favorite musicians/bands?
I always loved Devourment “1.3.8.” album, all time favorite, plus love Suffocation early work, Cerebral Incubation, Pathology, Retch, Brodequin, Infertile Surrogancy, Disavowed, Clean Flesh etc.
From old school bands DM and thrash, I like most Demigod from Finland, Phlebotomized from NL, Assassin from Germany, Sodom, Xentrix, Edge of Sanity, Dismember, Death etc.
Modern bands I listen a lot are Parkway Drive, Despised icon, Angelmaker, old Suicide Silence, Chelsea Grin etc.
I try to be open minded and listen to old/new bands and different styles as well. Mostly during the work time.

Can you tell us something about metal scene in Slovakia, any bands to recommend?
There is quite big scene with many bands like Craniotomy, Abortion, Perversity, Depresy, Typhoid etC. Brutal music is not so popular anymore, but more punky metal with Slovak lyrics. Can’t listen to this crap, but respect all active musicians as the times are hard for any musician. We have couple of nice festivals, favorite one is Flesh Party Open air in the summer.

Is there anything you would like to add?
Sure, buy Bitcoin and try to learn something about decentralization. It is only protection against oppressive regimes and corrupt governments.

Thank you for the interview and whish you all the best!
Thank you as well, we are open to book shows again, anybody can contact me at forensick@azet.sk It is long time we have had played in Pula and Zagreb.

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