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Interview: Polarity Of Life

by Tomislav Kuternik
Polarity of Life

Polarity of Life is Coatian melodic death metal band. Formed in the City of Zagreb in 2007, they released debut album “Polarity of Life” in 2014. 2017 brought EP “Beginning/End/Beginning”. After the band released video for “Cutting Through”, Polarity of Life had been touring in Serbia, Romania and Hungary.

Metal Jacket Magazine brings you an interview with Andrej Sabjić, vocalist and guitarist of Polarity Of Life.

Hello Andrej, thanks for your time. Now then, for starters, would you introduce your band Polarity of Life to fans who have not yet heard of you?
Hi, thank you and the MJM for this opportunity. We are a Zagreb based band, we’ve been around for some 10 years but have only kicked up a notch in the past few years. We play metal, I’d stay away from classifications of subgenres and all, since nowadays it’s all very silly. Let’s just say our influences are extreme subgenres but you can find everything really. Naturally, our main focus is on the melodic parts but at the same being as aggressive as possible, as one would expect and how it should be. 🙂

About a year ago, you have released a video “Cutting Through” from your EP called Beginning/End/Beginning. Can you tell us about the recording process, what was the concept behind it?
Yes. The recording took two days. We have done the playing bits first, at the Jedinstvo, near the Močvara club. We had to do a lot of retakes and our necks were sore but I think it was worth it J On the second day we recorded the story bits, at sljemen. That didn’t take as long and it was basically just a quick stroll around the countryside. 😀 Regarding the concept, the idea for the video and the song was Tibetan shaman ritual I once read about. A person falls into a deep coma and experiences their body getting torn to pieces by various demons and monsters, thus ridding themselves of their ego. Basically they get reborn but without any of the issues that pressures their spirit. Think of it as a kind of reincarnation, just a tad more bizarre (laughs).

I understand there’s a lot of real life to your lyrics, there’s a fair bit of human issues, stuff we deal with in our everyday lives, the obstacles we have to overcome etc. Are those band member experiences or stories you have heard elsewhere?
Yes that is true, and very observing of you! While it’s fun to read epic fiction, stuff about monsters, battles or whatever the bands sing about but I think it’s a lot more interesting to write about real things. And there’s so much going on right now, we’re never short on inspiration, and likewise, the obstacles and issues we have to deal with. A good part of what I write about comes from personal experience but there’s a lot of stories of people I know personally, or have heard about. Most of those are true though, and at least few people have experienced it, but you know, everyone can interpret the lyrics however they want. 🙂

What exactly does “Beginning/End/Beginning” mean, as a title?
Back on topic of reincarnation, I guess. The whole theme of our EP, concept if you prefer, is for one to be reborn as a better or a different person. We have kind of formulated it using the Buddhism framework, a topic which I am quite interested in. Beginning/End/Beginning means nothing lasts forever. Plenty of problems that we people have, the sorrow and the suffering comes from the lack of understanding of that fact. We take things for granted and we feel it’s always gonna be like it is now. But, both good and bad things come and go, which is basically what we meant by our title. Everything has a beginning, an end and then one way or another it begins anew. It’s a theme that might be further explored down the road as we keep working on it.

Both your S/T album from 2014. and “Beginning/End/Beginning” were released independently. Do you plan to carry on that trend or do you have a label in mind for your future work?
We have discussed the potential inclusion of a label and we did receive some offers already, but before we commit, we would like to be certain it’s a real thing. We’ve seen many bands out there signed to various labels and they have diminishing returns. On the other hand, there’s lots of independent bands who have quite a fanbase and their promotion is quite excellent. So yeah, at this point it’s a complex question, but I think when it’s all said and done, having a label is would be a good thing, I mean after all it’s their job to help and band break through if they have what it takes.

It’s a bit hard to classify your music under one specific subgenre, there’s a lot of different influences. Are the songs an entirely group effort, or does someone just show up with the material and you get cracking?
All of our songs are a group effort in the end. In the beginning, one shows up a kind of a blueprint or a couple riffs and we all build from that. In our band that takes a lot of time sometimes but I feel the result is good on our latest EP. It will be difficult to surpass that but we’re gonna give it our best shot to make our next album at least as good. 🙂

What’s the first to be made, lyrics or the music?
For me, writing lyrics is an entirely different thing to writing music. Sometimes the two don’t need to be connected at all. However, sometimes when I play a certain riff, an idea comes to my mind, a theme that might work well with this music. But for the most part, yeah those two things are separated.

Andrej, thank you very much for you time. Do you have a message for all MJM readers and of course, everyone who will attend the Valhalla festival?
Again, thank you for the opportunity and thank you for doing what you do, covering bands, concerts and posting news. Without that and without people who follow the scene, many bands, including ours, would probably never even exist, so we’re very thankful for all that. About Valhalla, I would like to ask everyone to come and see our show if you’re into old school riffs and just generally having fun. We will also be playing a brand new song so there you can see the direction we’re taking. Until we meet again, cheers. 🙂

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