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Interview: NadimaC

by Ivan Slunjski

NadimaC is Serbian thrash/crossover metal band, formed in 2003. They have released their debut studio album “Državni Neprijatelj Broj Kec” in 2009. In 2017, they brought a new studio album “Besnilo” released by Xtreem Music label. On Saturday, May 12th, they will play at Valhalla Festival in Zagreb. So, we have been privileged to talk with the band.

Hi! Thank you for your time for Metal Jacket Magazine.
Hi, no problem dude, you are welcome!

Can you first tell us something more about the band name?
Well, NadimaC doesn’t meen anything particular to be honest, idea behind the name at the time when band was starting was to be parody on most of Serbian and bands in region whos names were in English because they thought they will be more popular or just sound more metal and evil… So, NadimaC was jokingly “ancient Slav demon who lurks in virgin woods”. NadimaC can also mean force than make you go intense and about to burst, from anger, hate or beans and beer, depending on situation. Idea was, and is to be as uncool as you can be.

NadimaC was formed in 2003. So far, you released five full-length albums. How difficult is to find a label?
We have 5 official and 25+ other releases all around the world, like split albums, live albums and DVDs, Eps etc. In the begging we did everything DIY and later we needed label because it was costly to send cds from Serbia, and it was cheaper to just release albums in China, Greece, Germany or Spain so they could distribute it worldwide. We still do out designs and t-shirt printing and promotions/actions/benefits DIY.

What is the biggest problem for NadimaC: finding label, promotion, lack of musicians, money, time?
Hmm, nothing is problem for us… In the beginning we were poor as everybody else, but hanging out was cool, we were all the same but individyuals in the same time. We still are poor in a way, although most of us have jobs, we didn’t buy instruments or something from our music, since the idea was not to do anything for profit to begin with… We tend to give away our march and music or to do benefit shows for those who have less, so that’s the idea not a problem hah. It was hard to find label years ago, but not anymore. It’s cool we are on Xtreem Music, its great and really dedicated label. Well, this line up is the same for last 10 years, and everybody from previous line ups we still socialise and hangout. Hmm maybe time for hanging out and making music in studio, since we don’t make it at home, that’s the idea, to hangout, drink/or other, and make it together.

Basically, you are playing traditional heavy metal influenced by thrash and crossover music. Which bands influenced you the most?
Basicly I don’t think we have anything in common with traditional heavy metal.
We ARE crossover thrash metal band, extreme thrash band with very strong hard core punk, old school punk, power violence, death metal and grind core influences… But it all started with German thrash metal scene which wasn’t so popular here when we started, NadimaC started with desire to introduce style of bands like Tankard, Kreator, Assassin, Sodom, but also Sabbat, Exploited, Agnostic front and many more. Idea was to be dirty, unpolished, not technical but just honest, aggressive and energetic. Thing was we didn’t know how to play so good, so we played fast and used everyday life lyrics and dark humor/sarcasm, which was fun.

Can you tell us something more about the lyrics? What inspires you?
Hmm… I used to have a lot of inspiration in everyday happenings, both in our lives, since we hang out together every day, but also from social tensions or political problems we are surrounded with every day. I used to put real life happenings in most of the lyrics, the weirder the better, but then we used to fuck something up on daily bases so it wasn’t so hard to get the inspiration. Nowadays, it’s harder to make lyrics about something that is honest and fresh because, first of, all problems we used to sing about are still there, and also because till now I wrote about 60 songs lyrics so its little hard to find new topics and I don’t want to repeat myself or to make shallow lyrics about popular topics…

You have released “Besnilo” last year. Are you and your fans satisfied with output?
We are in a way, and we don’t have “fans”, but honestly I don’t know what people who had listened to it feel about it. Album got some good reviews and that’s ok.

It seems you have been one of the most active Serbian metal bands. Any shows by now you would mark as highlight of you career?
Well, probably every of our concerts we make, and every tour is new highlight for us. As for playing with big bands in other countries, hmm, best dudes are ones from Accused, Tankard and definitely Onslaught, It was also fun to play with Sodom, Napalm Death, DRI etc… But also to play with younger bands like Municipal Waste or Warbringer in the moment they were rising from the underground and becoming worldwide popular bands. In a way when I think about it now, important gigs are also ones we played with our friends in front of 3-5 drunk persons and gave even more compared to shows in the arenas or at the festivals… We like more personal approach. These are the ones we will not forget also.

On 12th of May, NadimaC will play at Valhalla Festival. Any expectations?
I expect, first of all, to somehow get through the customs without too much problems and bothering, like every time, and then, during our set, we will give all of our energy and hopefully part of the people at the festival will watch us, participate in concert performance, have great time and maybe see or feel something they are not used of.

What does the future hold to NadimaC?
I don’t know. I’m not a clairvoyant. But if I could predict the future I would probably make my money of betting on football matches. As for nadimacs future, well see…

It was nice to talk with you, I wish you all the best in the future. Last words are yours…
Thank you for you interest and question. We wish you all best also.
No last words – we’ll let the actions and deeds speak instead.

Photo: Vuk Vuković

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