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Interview: Massface

by Darko Rajic

We love to explore new bands all around the globe… So, we find out a great new blood in Russia! Read, listen, support if you like!

Massface is alternative rock band from St. Petersburg, Russia. The group began taking shape in 2013, although the final composition was only completed three years later. In 2017, Massface released two singles: “Shadows” and “Black Water”. A little later in the same year, these were followed with the debut full-length album, the self-titled “Massface”. During the period of their existence, Massface not only won the St. Petersburg audience, but the band began to spread their popularity with great success in Moscow, Minsk and even in Germany, performing in August 2018 on the stage of the Taubertal Open Air Festival. The group have also had tracks played across European radio stations in such countries as England, Italy, Russia, Israel and the USA.

Hi guys. We are excited to discover new great bands from different countries. For starters, please introduce yourselves to our readers.
Hello, we are Massface from Saint-Petersburg (far and cold Russia, yeah) and we really happy to greet readers of Metal Jacket Magazine!

What separates you from other bands in your country is your style. You are neither extreme nor soft so to speak. Great contemporary alter rock with elements of metal and other genres all mixed into one. Being a band of six, how long does it take to create such a good album?
We do not look at other teams when we create our music. At the head of everything we put what drives us at this particular moment, and if we want to write a song that looks like nothing, which will be completely different from what we did before, we will do it.
As for the duration of recording albums, our persistence in finding the right sound, attention to detail, and many of other reasons lead to a long and laborious process of releasing songs. The fact that we are six even simplifies the task.

I hear influences of different styles, but there is a definite and unique signature running throughout the music which is why I enjoyed the album as much as I did. Who is responsible for the music and who writes the lyrics?
Oleg writes the texts, he prefers to sing about his thoughts and experiences, about what really makes sense to him. Other members of the band are responsible for the music. We love to get together and discuss for a long time about the sound and part of each instrument.

For the time being, you have performed at home and in Germany. How difficult was it to „cross the borders“, knowing how hard it is unless a band is well known?
We took great pleasure in exploring the new city, the festival, the bands and the audience. No difficulties, except for small technical, we have not felt. The organization was at a high level, the crowd greeted us warmly, what else to dream? 

What are your plans for future performances? Europe? Maybe further?
In the near future we have an EP recording, and then (in spring) we are planning a small tour in Russia, for a start, and later we want to travel to several cities in Europe (In Germany, Italy and Finland).

One of the first things I noticed is the quality behind the production, music videos, marketing… You hit the nail on the head! Who is behind all that?
Oh, thank you! We have our favorite sound engineer, studio and team that shoots us a video. There is a lot of people behind everything that doesn’t concern music, a lot of time, well … And our wallets.

Your album is only thirty minutes long. Why so short?
We noticed that the modern listener has a “attention deficit” in relation to the new music. If you are not a world star, then the release for 60+ minutes hardly anyone wants to listen. Therefore, we prefer to release small albums that are easy to learn.

Any experiences in prior bands?
Each of us has come a long way to finally become part of the MF. Some serious success was not achieved there, but all for the sake of experience.

What are your individual music tastes and what have you been listening to lately?
Top-3 bands for each of us:
Vocal – Queen, Linkin park, Monuments;
Ivan (Guitar) – A Perfect circle, Karnivool, Tesseract;
Alexander (Guitar) – Massive attack, Tool, Karnivool;
Alexey (Bass) – Tool, Deftones, NIN;
Sammy (Synth) – Linkin Park, BTMH, Architects.
Denis (Drums) – Alter Bridge, Monuments, North-West (Russian band).

When can we expect you in Croatia?
We are planning a European tour in May and will be happy to come to Croatia! So, if you know suitable organizers, then ask them to contact us! 

Thank you so much for setting apart some time for us and the readers of Metal Jacket Magazine. Any final messages to the readers?
Thank you very much for interesting questions, it was really interesting answering them! Hopefully, we’ll be able to chat live and give a big show in Croatia. By the way, very soon we will release a single, which will be part of the new album. So stay tuned, it will be something interesting!
Listen to good music, discover something new and just be happy! 

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