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Interview: Lectern

by Ivona Bogner

Lectern  is death metal band from Rome, Italy. They were formed in 1999 with the intent of playing old school brutal death metal with Satanic lyrics. the band released three full length albums: Fratricidal Concelebration” (2015, Sliptrick Records), “Precept of Delator” (2016, Via Nocturna) and “Deheadment for Betrayal” (2018, Via Nocturna). So if you haven’t read the last review, make sure you do it here. Metal Jacket Magazine talked to bassist and vocalist Fabio Bava. Read below!

For all those who are wondering, tell them something more about the band name.
If you still don’t know us bury your head!

The band was formed in Rome, Italy, in 1999. So far, you have three ep’s and three albums behind. The latest full length album “Deheadment for Betrayal” was released on March 30, 2018. How is the feedback?
Reviews are enthusiastic so far, also because I think this new record is quite unsettling, especially for the arrangements this time. The structure of most of the tracks, are absolutely harsh, I think either to be performed or listened.

Since this is your third album, what have you improved over the years?
The song shape is ripe, the approach to the stage fucking nasty! Lyrics are venomous than ever! We are always more and more pissed off!

Lectern had numerous line up changes. Can you say line up is finally stable?
I hope so!

Is the line up change the main reason why the first album was released in 2015?
Yes and no! With every line-up, was time for a record, but we only began in 2014!

You are playing old school death metal influenced by Tampa Bay. So, can you tell me the bands from Florida that influenced you the most? And also which European bands had an influence on your style?
To have ears locked is impossible, if I have to figure out to all the most important bands of the genre I must say Morbid Angel and early Deicide up to “Serpents Of The Light” all the rest, was only an imitation of these two!

Your logo is created in old school style too. Who is the author?
Christophe Szpajdel.

Since you are declared as a Satanist band, any censorship by now?
We had some problems with “Fratricidal Concelebration” artwork. After the first press, we were forced to change it up with a new one.

You come from Rome, only 20 minutes far from the Vatican, center of Catholic World. I have to ask you how do you see religion in XXI century?
Religion was, is and forever will be shit! Everyone can smell it!

I think I already know the answer, but I’ll risk: should church embrace or die?
Church is not useful, so you can imagine my point of view at its finest!

Your lyrics are based on Satanism. Which philosophy is closer to you: Aleister Crowley′s, Anton LaVey′s or someone else?
None of them!  I don’t think this is a religion or a philosophy, but a different view from reality which not might exist. It’s belief!

I think Christianity and religion in its wholeness, it is something such as eternal inspiration to be discussed about but I am afraid if we continue, this might take a while, so back to the band… You have been playing in at least ten death metal bands by now. What were you searching for and have you finally found it in Lectern?
Death metal is my lifestyle, the more I play it the more powerful I become!

You are also active member of Perfidy Biblical. What are the differences between those two bands?
One is very fast, the other more evocative.

What is the main problem in metal today: piracy (people are not buying original CD’s, and mostly listening albums online), promotion, record deals, touring?
I don’t see any problem! People is blatant and always speaking about the same shit. Heavy metal is only a part of music, that is part of another thing called art. If you don’t have money you cannot do anything! Can you buy a statue from the New York museum? It’s the same, if musicians won’t change their attitude in front of the audience’s demands which has changed itself too, nothing can change. It’s not a matter of prices only, people is attracted from other things. The same is for cinema: with Netflix or streaming channels or links, you can watch for free all the movies you want, without buying tickets or physical supports! The only thing you cannot download is a gig, so the live side is something that will remain live itself, in the real meaning of the word.

I red somewhere that you are a fan of Incantation. Since you had an opportunity to play as support band to Incantation, can you tell me something more about that experience?
We were in Latvia, and we opened for them and Skinned. They are one of my favorites as one of the best death metal acts around, they are a bit weird in the way they behave. It was very strange, when their drummer told us to use his set to avoid to waste time with any set stage.

You also supported Angra and Sepultura. Which bands you would prefer to play with in the future?
Morbid Angel!

Italy has been known for power metal bands mostly. Luca Turilli with his projects opened the door to world metal scene. Also, Italy is a home of extreme bands like Natron, Hour of Peneance, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Sadist… Which Italian bands do you prefere most?
Devangelic, Ghouls, Deceptionist, Helslave and Horrid.

Any chance to see you in Croatia or Serbia soon?
I hope! I like Croatian football just think to Krasić and Boksić! Also Serbians are great! I wanna visit Split, Rijeka, Zagreb and Belgrade!

Since you are a football fan, your choice is…
Juventus rules!

Your final words for our readers.
Soon we will come for you all!

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