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Interview: Gilmea

by Lukrecija Mesek

Gilmea is Death Metal band from Zagreb formed in 2017. Band members are Dominik (ex-Vohess), Hrvoje (ex-Subscale) i Bruno (ex-Bad Blood). When it comes to the sound of the band it would be modern Death Metal on 8-string guitar with mix of other genres of metal, with complicated bass sequences and different vocal parts.

Where does the band name come from?
It’s an amalgam from word Gilma (Nordic type of wrestling) and word ulma (Mesoamerican bloody sport with the ball).

We heard that something new is coming from Gilmea. Can you tell us what can we expect?
At this point we have 6 finished songs, and we are working on new ones as well. Because of complexity of material we need a bit longer period of time to create and perfect our songs. This way of creating music is a slow process, but we did get use to that tempo because finished result is music that we wanted to bring to our fans as final product.

Where do you get inspiration for your songs?
As the name itself, the themes of our songs are about different aspects of conflict and rage, and about necessary acceptance of victory, defeat and changes. From every day aspect of life, it would include contact with injustice caused by parasitic monolithic structures, as well the individual impotence that leads to final chaotic spite and taking the control in relations with other people. From occult esoteric side, some of the lyrics are talking about necessary sacrifice of the individual to make, maintain and endure the connection with forces which intentions and existence are not part of our basic, programmed understanding of universe. That sacrifice brings us the conflict with our individual identity, or by other words metamorphosis that follows. Inspiration for songs comes from everywhere around us, from bands we listen to the things that happens in our lives. To be honest, it’s easy to find inspiration, but sometimes it’s a problem to put that into lyrics and music.

What would you about your music path?
We want to do aggressive music without holding back and that our work constantly progresses with time. We often give up on riffs/idea/song if it’s too simple to play, we have that guide line that forces us to be better than we were two weeks, months or year ago and try constantly to work on our self so we could be best versions of us. This way we have accomplished that our older work that we use to have trouble with performing, now comes easily and yet useful for new ideas. We don’t suggest that this is the way someone should chose while doing their music, or that this is a standard that everyone should follow, but we like this way of progressing. Even though it could be frustrating, it is effective for a long term.

When can we expect to see you on stage?
We’ll be attending RiRock festival on December 14,2019 in Rijeka, Croatia. We are in contact with different organizers and agencies, so we hope to get new gigs by the beginning of next year.

Do you have any future plans?
The idea is to make video material for one song by the end of this year, record EP with 5 songs and build on from there.

Thank you for your time boys and rock on!!
Thank you.

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