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Interview: Exterminas

by Metal Jacket

Here, we will present you the best part of black metal, its underground scene. It is well known that European underground black metal scene is quite enriched with quality bands. Now we are presenting you with the band Exterminas, from Treviso (Italy). I’ve talked with their guitarist Moloch about band.

Hi Moloch! Who founded Exterminas and why did you pick out that name for the band?
Hi Aleks! Exterminas was founded by me and Raven. The name was chosen by Raven as it represented well what was our idea about the band at the time, which was mainly about demonology and “classic” black metal themes. I liked it and that was it.

Next year will be ten years of Exterminas, are you satisfied with legacy you’ve made during almost a decade of work?
As it always happens, if we are talking only about music I would change many things. But Exterminas is, and always was, more than a band playing music. We all know each other for a long time and we never had session musicians or figures like that. Because of that Exterminas changed and evolved as we and out relations have evolved and are still evolving. Considering that I would say yes, I am satisfied with what we have done.

You guys playing live. Did you play anywhere outside of Italy… And if, what memories do you have on that gig(s)?
The only gig (for now) outside of Italy was in Banja Luka several years ago. It was a great night for what I am concerned. We met great people and had great time. I hope to get back there for another gig as soon as possible.

Two full-length materials are behind you. Are you satisfied with them? Now looking in retrospective, is there something on them that you will do other way?
As already said, there are many thinks I would do in a different way. But at the time the music was composed it was the best we could do and probably it was what we felt and so some things had to be that way. All in all I am satisfied with all our material.

Two releases under banners of Metallic Media and Satanath Records. Are you satisfied with promotion of your albums, done by labels? And how did you came to that labels?
Yes, we are satisfied. I came to Metallic Media pretty by chance. They made us the best offer when we were searching for a label to produce Seventh Demoniacal Hierarchy and the promotion for it was quite good. That’s way we choose to collaborate again with them, and with Satanath Records, also for Dichotomy.

Beside Exterminas, you have other project called Dispersion. Can you tell me something more about that band?
Dispersion was born to explore new shades of black metal. Let’s say we play post black metal but I don’t know if it fits well because we have several influences and ides we would like to realize, including an acoustic album. We have just released a two-track EP called Izba, two years after our debut album.

I’ve saw that Exterminas put themselves into organization called “Venetic Black Metal Front”. Can you bring us closer motive and deeds of that organization/group?
Venetic Black Metal Front is a group of bands from North-East of Italy willing to collaborate to bring back live music to our territory, to promote and produce local underground music. We are doing this because we have seen a constant decline in our local scene, especially for what concerns live music, and choose not to sit at home and complain on Facebook as many people are doing, but to do something and try to involve as many bands as possible. We are seeing some good feedback and are positive about it.

Your lyrics are rooted in the themes like Satanism, anti-Christianity, Demonology… Who is responsible for making of lyrics for band?
I have worked on some of the lyrics of Seventh Demoniacal Hierarchy but most of them on that album and all of them on following works are carried on by Februus.

Are there any plans for new album?
The new album is ready. We should start the recordings in few weeks and I hope it will be released by the end of this year.

Thank you for your time Moloch and all the best in future with Exterminas. Last words are yours…
Thank you and Metal Jacket Magazine for the opportunity, I enjoyed the interview. I hope to meet you and your readers on some gigs very soon.

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