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Interview: Dødsfall

by Metal Jacket

When it comes to Norway and black metal, there is a numerous legends about nowdays already legendary bands who found and made pillars of True Norwegian Black Metal. But this time we are going deeper into underground, to give you an interview with one of the real hidden gems of Norwegian black metal scene, band Dødsfall. Conversation is conducted with mastermind of a band, Is.

Can you present Dødsfall’s history to visitors of Metal Jacket Magazine?
Dødsfall is a black metal band that was started back in 2009. We have so far 4 albums released and 1 EP. We are signed to Osmose Productions at the moment.

Why do you chose name Dødsfall?
We needed a band name and I liked this word to have it as a band name, thats it.

What is the main idea behind the band? What fuels the fire of Dødsfall?
To express the passion for black metal, plain and simple.

Usually there was two or three years between your albums, now it will be probably four years? Why’s that this time, Is?
That’s right yes. I had the plan to record a new album sometime in 2017 actually but many things in my personal life made me to pause the recording plans for a while until now.

Your last album “Kaosmakt“ went out in 2015. When we can expect new album?
The new album is called “Døden Skal Ikke Vente“ and it will be released on the 25th of January of 2019 on Osmose Productions.

You started a band Bergen (Norway), then you wentin Gothenburg, Sweden and now you are in Oslo, (Norway)? Is this final city-base for Dødsfall?
The band was a studio project in the beginning only. I started it myself and later I brought V-Rex on vocals who is from Bergen, Norway. Myself I lived in Gothenburg, Sweden some years in the past and later the next singer is from Trondheim but living in Oslo and the current drummer Telal is from Oslo.The band has had musicians from Sweden and Norway all the time coming and going but pretty much the live-session musicians i would say and not the official members. I am living now in Stockholm so the band is Sweden/Norway based that is it, I have never said that the band is entirely Norwegian because that is not important anyway, is the music that speaks.

V-Rex (Arvas) and Adramelech (Svarthaueg) were vocals in your band. Now vocal is Dødsherre Xarim from Djevelkult. I want to ask, why you never took vocal duties in Dødsfall?
Because it has never been the idea of me to be the singer but to have a normal line-up and myself on the guitars only. Xarim has never been the singer in the band actually. I asked him to help us for a festival we played in 2016 in Oslo and that was it. I looked for a singer later on but then i decided to be the singer from now.

Is there any album in your discography that is your favourite? And if there is one, can you tell us why?
Not at all. Every album is especial because it represents moments, things, stories behind but musically i would say that I have more like favourite songs you know. The style of the band has evolved on every record and it just happened naturally but Dødsfall will always have the roots intact, true black metal riffing based, that is something that will never change.

Thank you for this interview and your time, Is. Last words of this conversation are yours…
Thanks for the interest and do not forget it; “Døden Skal Ikke Vente“ will be released on the 25th of January of 2019 on Osmose Productions on CD and LP.

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