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Interview: Decomposing Entity

by Lukrecija Mesek
Decomposing Entity

Decomposing Entity is a death metal band with strong, sharp riffs and great honest vocals, followed by intense drumming and stunning performance, hailing from Zagreb (CRO). We got the chance to talk with Davorin and Marin at this years Oluja Fest and we have some juicy new info about the band, so keep reading.

Firs time you showed on scene you brought to us EP “Decomposing Entity”, followed by LP “So It Begins” and than you just disappeared. What happened?
Well last year and half, after our last show at Valhalla Metal Fest last year, we were in some kind of a creative break. We’ve been busy with our day jobs, so we decided that would be the best to take break from playing concerts so we can focus on new material. There will be ton of time for concerts, but right now we want to make new material so that we won’t be playing same stuff over and over.

Sadly, you had to cancel your last show, at this years Dark Circle Fest.
We had chance to play, but I had some serious health problems, so we had to cancel. That was our first canceled show in 10 years of playing.

Tonight, at Oluja Fest, we’ve heard some of the new materials. Can you tell us more? What awaits us with your new album?
 We are working really hard on this new material so that it sounds good and that you can tell “This is Decomposing Entity.”, still, right now that is something totally different than our old stuff. We can’t wait to start recording. Already we have almost 6 new songs.
Davorin: It’s not completely different from our old stuff, but it’s more powerful and more mature. There are differences, but it’s still Decomposing Entity. We are hoping to record it next year, but we still don’t have the official date of release. We are planning to have only digital version of album and it will be free to download. Also we won’t set any release date, it will be surprise.

Can we hope for some new merch from you guys?
We will finally have new merch. Although, we had t-shirts a while back, with new material will come new merch. That’s why we didn’t have any for last couple of years, because we didn’t want to reuse our old material.

Let’s go back to music. Can you tell us a bit more about new songs you preformed tonight?
One song that we introduced as “french song” is called “Ich Habe Eine Keine Problem”, and tonight we played it as instrumental, since the lyrics aren’t ready just yet. I can’t tell you story behind it because it’s still not there, but, as always, our main inspiration is social criticism, life and it’s transiency.

For now Decomposing Entity is a two person band, will it stay that way?
I firmly believe that we miss the third person in band, but we just can’t find it. For 4 years now we don’t have bass guitar. For now, our friends, Roko from Flesh and Matej are joining us on stage.
Davorin: We have in plan to find new member. With new material will also come new member, but we still don’t know who it will be.

And for last question, can you tell us a bit what do you think about Croatian metal scene?
: I miss concerts in Močvara, and in general. I would like to go on metal concerts because it gives me energy to play. Metal events, that we have, are not frequent enough.
Davorin: Biggest problem is that we don’t have new metal bands. I assume that people are joining the easy road by making tribute bands, but no one is making something new.

Thank you for interview and rock on!
Marin & Davorin:
Thank you.

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