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Interview: Core of Creation

by Lukrecija Mesek
Core Of Creation

Core of Creation is a Croatian Symphonic Metal band formed in 2012.  The same year, they recorded their first demo with three songs. Next year, there has been a change in the line-up, and along with it they changed their style. In 2015, the band started working on new original material and after that,  they started recording their first EP “Optimal Configuration” that officially came out on August 20, 2017.

The EP deals with the progress of humanity and society as a whole, and with the creation of a new kind of human that would be more connected to modern technology as well as the problems of dealing with the technological advancements of today. If you are interested in more details about “Optimal Configuration” you can find it here and check our impressions here.

After a while, we had the chance to catch them for a brief interview before the Dark Circle Fest V. What happened with them in the meantime you can read in the lines below.

Hi guys! First of all, tell me… What’s your story? Where did the idea come for the band?
Idea for the band came some 5 of 6 years ago in 2012. We finished high school and we started to play together. The goal was to find some genre that we all like. We all like symphonic metal so we started to play symphonic metal where we started with bands like Nightwish, Epica and later to more extreme music.

Tell me something more about the band name.
We had the idea about a name which is not that complicated and something that is connected to an idea for creating something. Core of Creation sounded good and everyone was ok with it so it stuck.

You mentioned a few bands who inspired you. In which genre would you put Core Of Creation?
That’s a bit hard to say, every magazine put us in a different genre, from gothic to symphonic and similar. But as the band evolves I would rather put us in a symphonic death sub-genre. Our main vocalist does growls so it’s definitely not in the typical symphonic metal genre.

Do you plan to experiment with other sub-genres or will you stay on this musical path?
We have no problem experimenting with other genres. If something different fits the song, it’s fine to incorporate it in the song regardless which genre we are talking about. We can put something from any genre, but this is the main genre that we play.

About a year ago you released “Optimal Configuration”. What inspired you?
The whole album was made in the period when we were not sure will we continue playing and the inspiration came after we finished the instrumental parts. the music was written so we had to think what would we sing about. Somehow, it turned out, it would be evolution of man as perfect human being.

Technology is taking over more or less everything that man do. So, we see it as an evolution of mankind.

Can you explain the process of music creation?
First we work on the music, then on lyrics. Since I am the main composer and I play piano, most of the songs are created on piano.  Most of our songs can be played on piano. When we have a foundation for the song that can be played on piano, than we can add guitars, bass, drums… Than we can think about the lyrics.

Besides Nightwish and Epica, what influenced you not only in musical direction but in a personal level?
First we started with those bands but later gone to more symphonic death metal bands like Septicflesh, Dimmu Borgir.

Can we expect more gigs after the Dark Circle Fest?
At the moment, this is the first concert after we released a CD. It’s been a while since our last gig. Our goal is to play more shows in September and October and finally start to promote our latest album.

What are your impressions about the Dark Circle Fest and what do you expect of the tonight’s show?
The festival is quite special and unique and we feel good being here. We will give the best to the fans and we hope they will be interested in our show.

What are your plans for the future?
At the end of the next year we plan to release a new album and do more gigs. So far, that’s the plan.

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