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Interview: Chronic Disease

by Ivona Bogner

New death/thrash blast from Pula! A bit of oldschool, Chronic Disease, was founded in 2017. The band is new hope in metal sky. Young, fearless and loud. Or, what they say…. Read and find out!

Hi guys. Please introduce yourselves to those who might not know who you are.
Hi, we are Chronic Disease from Pula, and we play thrash/death metal, we like to drink beers and f… babes while listening to Slayer.

You are a relatively new band but with a lot of experience among the members. Taking into consideration the different styles and genres you all were a part of, what’s the story behind this particular project?
Simple. We wanted to play fast and aggressive music and we found common ground in bands such as Dark Angel, Slayer, Obituary, Death Which we still listen to after all these years. Although we listen to differnt kinds of extreme metal, we all share a love for fast drums and blazing riffs.

With an EP and single out, is a full album the next logical step?
Yes. We do have a plan for an album. We’re making new songs which we plan to record in 2019.

What’s your live-performance track record?
We’ve had five gigs in Pula and one in Rijeka. And more are scheduled for 2019.

Since you come from a city considered to be “alternative”, any comments on the music scene in Pula?
It’s a good city for alternative music but Pula has stronger punk scene then metal.

What does the future hold in 2019? Any plans, New Year’s resolutions?
Hopefully, a lot of gigs and an album. We still don’t know completely but we have a few scheduled gigs and plans to record our first full length album.

A Christmas message for the readers?
Jesus saves, listen to your pray
You think you’ll see the pearly gates
When death takes you away!

Any advice to the haters?
Make a band, learn to play and maybe then we’ll listen what you have to say.

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