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Interview: Charm Designer

by Ines Siuc
Charm Designer

Doom-gothic metal band Charm Designer hail from Colombia. After their success in Colombia, the band is ready to test new waters and will tour Europe from 31st of October to 18th of November on a tour cleverly titled “Evereasting”. The tour promotes their latest album, “Everlasting”. The album was recorded with the producer Waldemar Sorychta (Samael, Tiamat, Moonspell etc.) and the artwork was designed by Costin Chioreanu (At the Gates, Arch Enemy, Arcturus etc.) and it was released via Inverse Records in February, 2016.

Metal Jacket Magazine had the pleasure of talking to Charm Designer’s Andrés Herrera (vocals/guitars) and Diego M. Giorgi (bass). Check out what they had to say below.

Hi! Thank you for agreeing to this interview. To start off, I would like you to tell me more about the band. Introduce the members and tell us where you come from, how the band was created and what the main motivation behind it was.
Diego: We’re all born and raised in Bogotá, which is Colombia´s capital and biggest city. We got together (with different people) in 2002 to start working as Charm Designer after a previous band we had while studying at the university, so we kind of started from those foundations (or ruins, depending on the way you look at it). We always wanted to make music based on intuition and emotions and never cared too much about exploring virtuosity or a highly technical approach for our sound, so basically when we started writing our first songs we found ourselves modeling our ideas through our very own language and it felt like a design exercise more than anything, so ever since it became a main aspect of our work… We design the songs rather than composing them. As for the band members, Andrés joined in 2005 prior to the release of our first demo to handle vocals and guitars (also songwriting, of course), then we were joined by Diego A. Morales (drums) in 2007 just after the recordings of our first release. We’ve been working with our guitarist Diego A. Hernández since 2012 for live appearances at first, but later he became a full time member and lastly, there’s me on bass and songwriting, being the only original member remaining in the band.

Tell us a bit more about your discography. What have you released so far and where can we listen to it?
Andrés: Well, we released a homemade demo named “Manifested” in 2006 with three songs which later they would be in our first studio EP called “Blood Sounds” released in 2008, actually, for this tour we are also celebrating its 10th anniversary and we have a new and special edition with a couple of bonus tracks that we recorded this year in a rehearsal set to show how the versions have changed after 10 years and with a live touch. And of course, our “Everlasting” which was released two years ago and the main reason of this tour. You can listen to “Blood Sounds” new edition, and “Everlasting” on the main music platforms, Spotify, Deezer, etc.

Your newest album, “Everlasting”, was released in 2016. Can you tell us more about the themes of the music and the lyrics, and maybe share some inspiration behind it?
Andrés: “Everlasting” reflects the need of doing something great and remarkable that all artists have, seizing your time, a waking hour, I think most of the lyrics refer to that little chance and time we have and all those battles you have to face by yourself to make it happen, and of course that intention of reaching immortality through arts, to put your name in stone, that’s why the album’s name and song.

You are currently preparing for a European tour, which is awesome! Is this your first time touring Europe?
Andrés: Yes, it is! We are so excited about it, I am not sure about European bands, but for us coming from this far it is one of the greatest things a band like us can do, we proudly accepted the challenge and we have everything prepared to give our best in the shows, we will do as much as we can in order to make it unforgettable for us and for the fans.

Was it difficult to organize a European tour?
Diego: It definitely has a lot of work and self-management at this level and since the very early stages. And well, as with this whole Everlasting process, determination is the keyword in my opinion. It was decided that the best way to give closure to the album’s cycle was by touring it overseas and we started looking for possibilities. As a band coming from Latin America it is not easy to make it viable because of the high costs associated to it, apart from the enormous amount of time and effort to take care of all the things that come up through the whole process, but hey, what costs nothing is worth nothing, right?

What are you looking forward to the most while touring?
Andrés: I think the tour intentions are not so different from our album intentions, we want to state our desire to spread our art, we have also heard that Eastern Europe is an open-minded territory in metal and it is part of their culture, so basically, we are looking forward to have the chance to see people’s faces when they are hit by our music and performance.

We can expect you in Croatia on 10th of November, which we are very excited for! Is this your first time visiting Croatia?
Andrés: Yes! First time in Croatia, it is a little sad because in the beginning we were supposed to play in Zagreb and in the end it didn’t come through, but our last show of this Eastern Europe leg will be in Đakovo! So being the last one it must be a great celebration, so eager to try Rakia!! Haha!

What were your experiences with the fans so far?
Andrés: Many! I dare to say that in this kind of genres fans are very sensitive, supportive, when they appreciate your music you can feel it is an honest message, I was really surprised when in our last show in our hometown a couple of them told me they believed we were the best metal band of our country, at least in our genre, I hope it wasn’t the alcohol speaking, haha, but I have to say that bands nowadays can speak about fans in terms of merchandising and attendance, with that we cannot complain and of course we are really thankful for all the support even from overseas!

What were some of your favorite concerts so far, and why?
Andrés: I’d mention three but maybe this will be more a personal opinion, experiences and perceptions differ from one another, first one, Caracas, Venezuela, it was the first show outside of our country so more than the show itself the whole experience around it was amazing and we learnt a lot from it. Second one, Manizales Grita Rock Fest, it is one of the biggest festivals in our country, and our largest crowd in front, the biggest stage so far, so a great challenge to remember. Tunja, Boyacá, it was one of the smallest venues we have been to, but the audience was incredible, I remember that one because we were skeptical about it, but it turned out being a great night.

Now that you have gathered some experience with the band, if there was one advice you could have given yourself when starting the band, what would it be?
Diego: That everything can’t be perfect all the time, and you can lose a lot of time waiting for it to be, so…always do your best, of course, but sometimes you can’t help for some things to be out of your hands, so keep moving, keep working and try to make the best out of the things that will definitely come in your way.

Any last messages for your fans, in Columbia, Croatia or elsewhere?
Andrés: Maybe to remind them that music and metal need to recover a little bit of passion, it is clear that nowadays bands need support and opportunities, so give yourselves the chance to listen, to go to concerts, to explore, and don’t take for granted social media, that’s where you listen to music the most but where the artists receive the least from, thank you MJM for this approach, we hope to see you in Đakovo’s show and of course we hope we can go back to Croatia very soon!!

Thank you, Charm Designer. We at Metal Jacket Magazine hope you have a blast on tour, and have a lot of great shows and tons of fun!


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