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Interview: Black Cult

by Metal Jacket

Black Cult is a well-known name within the ex-Yugoslavian black metal territory. Founded by one of the pioneers of the genre in this states, Insanus. Within almost seven years of existence within black metal halls, the band’s ready to release their third full-length material.

Hi, Insanus. I hope all is good in Black Cult? For the first and the most important information, when your new album will be out? Official release date?
Hey MJM, thank you for this interview and a chance to spread the word about news concerning our band. Black Cult is very well and about to release a new album “Nekropola” at the end of March, to be precise release date is set to be March 27. Before that, we’ll release a single “Parasite” on January 27. It will be available through all major streaming platforms.

Which title will carry a new album? How many songs will be there?
As I already mention album will carry the name “Nekropola” and will consist of eight songs:
“Parasite”, “Cosmic Storm”, “Likantropija”, “Misanthropic Luciferian Psalm”, “Nekropol”, “Fear is for Fools”, “Ništavilo” and “Catharsis”.

In which process is your new album, currently?
Album is finished and we’re just waiting to be released.

You are founder, driving force and the main man in Black Cult; who else besides you, had worked on it?
Yes, that’s right, most of the job on this, as on all previous albums, was made by myself, but this would never be completed without my brothers in crime, first Morbid with his “morbid” lyrics and screams, and Lesovik with his perfectly measured bass parts.

I assume that Satanic message stands behind this album as well. But what Satanism means to you?
He, if I can be honest, nothing. We don’t have any satanic message behind our songs, what you hear is what you get. We use satanic imagery to provoke people to think with their heads, we live in 21st century and still, people prey to some imaginary gods to decide about their destiny, and their lives, they kill in the name of those gods, isn’t that sad.
So we provoke Satan, god or anyone who can have that power to kill us all :).

You have opened your label, InsArt Records? What drives you to that idea? Which bands people can find on your label? Since you are the owner of Dungeon Studios in England; where do you find energy and driving force for all of that?
Yes, recently I’ve opened the record label, the main reason for that was, and still is to be able to release my own music without any compromises or any deals with some third parties and to have control over distribution and all other stuff.
Currently, on the label, you can find only bands in which I play or I was playing (Unholy Inquisition, Czaar, Kult Perunov, Hibernum, Gorthaur’s Wrath…) all the old and forgotten demos and albums mostly released in digital format on Bandcamp, but if everything goes as planned I will sign some other bands in the future for sure.
About the energy, he he, I don’t know, some people in their free time read books, watch movies, go to the gym, and I create music, it’s a way of life, I assume.

Which label will release “Nekropola”?
“Nekropola” will be released through InsArt Records in cooperation with Grimm Distribution which is a sublabel of the well known Russian record label Satanath Records. As I already said the release date is March 27, 2020.
In my opinion, this is the most mature material Black Cult has ever created.

Thank you for your time, Insanus. I hope to hear your new album soon!
Thank you for your interest in Black Cult!!!
Hope you’ll enjoy the new material,


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