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Interview: Ashine

by Lukrecija Mesek

In this crazy ass world, were music is put on hold, at least live performances, I’m dying to finally get another chance to go on one more concert. But if I’m going crazy without concerts how do musicians feel than?

So, after releasing the album “Force of Nature”, we sat down and talk with Nejc, from Asine to talk about world right now and their plans for future. 

MJM: You finally released your album „Force of Nature“, so why did we wait for so long to hear it?

Nejc: Well, we finally released it on 18th December 2020. It’s been like this for multiple reasons. After our first EP Ashine, we started our creative discussion about future of band and our music. After creative process we started to work on our album, also we switched producer, and than Corona happen, and that was like final nail in the coffin of prolonging it. But with second wave of Corona we decided that this was the time since we have a lot of free time.

MJM: How does your rehearsals look like now, during this Corona shit happening?

Nejc: First was really bad. It was zero practice because rules kept changing, suddenly you couldn’t go to another person house. Later we canceled all our shows. But than we kinda started to grow into it. We bought all these equipment for recording music at home. So we would record music and share it between us, so this is how rehearsals look like now.

MJM: This situation with Corona, did it slowed you down or would it be the same even without it?

Nejc: Album would be definitely sooner. First plan was that we play few more shows and than start to record the album, which should have been done by April, but everything changed. We did have all recordings but Corona prolonged post production.

MJM: Why the name „Force of Nature“? What was the idea?

Nejc: Like the song were written during long period of time, but we all agreed that there is mutual theme about human nature that they can’t control, and it’s kinda same with nature it self. Also we searched a perfect cover for album, and we find it. It’s great so minimalist but so great. And with all this happening in the world, all of the natural disasters, as you cant control nature, there are something in humans that we can’t control.

MJM: One of my favorite songs from your album is „Raging“, what is the story behind this one?

Nejc: Oh yeah, this Raging one. When other guitarist, Leon, wrote it, it had huge melodic intro and power chords, so we started to experiment with those. We removed the intro, and we started pushing it toward aggressive and grove kinda sound. And when our vocalist brought the lyrics they were written down with lines looking like „Raging, Rabbit, Metal, Monster“. So we called it RRMM. And finally it was about artist expressing his anger, because a lot of people aren’t. They are usually suppressing all the emotions they have. Anger is one of the emotions that we feel, and one of the important ones. Not that it’s always good, but if you are suppressing it it also doesn’t do you any good. So sometimes raging, screaming is actually good for you because you release anger in positive way.

MJM: Do you think you can release your anger more easily through songs than some other way?

Nejc: I would never consider us wild or violent band, but I would say it is a healthy way of releasing negative emotions. I got into metal, because it helped me with my struggles, not just anger, but anxiety. I would blast favorite bands and jump up and down on bed and it would calm me down.

MJM: What do you think about concerts now? A lot of artists are playing online streams of concerts, will the Ashine follow the trend or will we have to wait when things go back to normal?

Nejc: I can’t really say, but we would preferred the real concerts. It’s just not the same as having live audience. We did talk about it, and if we will do something like that we will do it properly, so that people get the feel like they were there with us, or if it will be possible to play some small venues for just like few people, maybe that could be a new trend.

MJM: Which cities, or countries would you like to play, when it will be possible again?

Nejc: That’s really difficult. Every place we visited so far has different energy, they preferred different genres of metal, especially smaller cities. We played some of it in Romania, we had some of the best gigs there, so definitely Romania. I don’t know maybe try to play in Scandinavian countries? That would be awesome. Of course Germany, France, America, UK, Japan, Russia. And also the Balkans.

MJM: Do you work on some new materials maybe? Or did you decide to take a small break?

Nejc: Actually we are working on new materials. I don’t know how much I can say right now, but this album was just the beginning. We started to write new materials even before „Force of Nature“ was released, that was one more push for us, because we decided that we won’t release new materials, until this album was released. I really hope that this restrictions will be taken down so we could maybe finish everything by January of February. Also, we are planing some surprises for the fans, so stay tuned.

MJM: And one for the road, what would you want to tell metalheads during this Corona virus shitshow?

Nejc: First I would like to say that we have to be strong, support each others and stick together. We can’t forget people that are responsible for all the concerts like agencies, roadies, light engineers, sound engineers, and all other people that help bands to give you show each time. Support bands through this time even just with comment, it means a lot to us.

Thank you for the interview and rock on guys!!!

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