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Interview Arises: “Groovy and nasty, this is a first insight to the new lineup – also a shift in music genre.”

by Vjeran

For starters I have to say that I am glad to be able to interview the band for the upcoming concert. It lasted a long time and did not happen again. How did you spend this time without concerts? How did you maintain common sense?

GORAN: Finally we had a lot of free time on our hands to work on some new ideas and songs. One can say the shutdown wasn’t a bad thing after all, at least not for our creativity and time put in the creative process. In the middle of it all we had a major lineup change – our new vocalist Bruno arrived.

BRUNO: After a few rehearsals we had a feeling that we played together for years, so we started working on new songs immediately. All this resulted in a much looser and casual perspective on song structures and much tighter performance which seems to be our prefered way of doing things. That’s basically how we spent all this time without gigs: we rehearsed our asses off, recorded a new EP and set out some plans and ideas for the next one.

G: Anyway, common sense was always a rare thing within the ranks of Arises. 

You recently had a concert at Močvara in Zagreb. We know it was great, but we would love to hear from you how it was, what was the audience like, what was the band Keops like?

B: The concert went really great, to experience the stage and live ambience again was second to none. We were full of energy and now even more ready for the gigs we got lined up. Audience was great – a ton of energy was circulating the venue that night. They accepted the old and new songs, jumped and banged and screamed together with us, really an amazing experience. We could not think of a better gig to promote the new lineup and new songs.

G: Our brothers from Keops were amazing, their gig was professional, live they looked and sounded big. Awesome dudes as well, we had a great time before and after the concert, backstage shenanigans and of course the ever welcoming venue bar. 

Something has been cooking in the studio for some time. How much have you recorded so far and when do you expect the release? Can you tell us what to expect from the new album?

B: We recorded a four-song EP and hope it will see the light of the day sometime mid-summer or fall. It’s punchy, groovy and raw, and most importantly we enjoy the heck out of making, playing and recording these songs! I guess you can feel that in ‘making of’ videos.

ARISES about the new song:

“Groovy and nasty, this is a first insight to the new lineup – also a shift in music genre. Darker, heavier and more direct approach to music making and production. Release the Floods offers a range of styles and moods.“ 

Let’s go back to the recent past. In 2019 you released an album and then came all this shit. Despite that, how satisfied are you with the response of the audience to the album and do you intend to do a real promotion of the album now?

G: The response from the audience was great, and we could feel the excitement brewing on it. But the live gigs were missing thus we missed a huge chunk of the promoting side of things… well, the biggest side of it. We had everything lined up, gigs were waiting and distribution went smoothly. But as things went very southbound very soon, it seems like the promotion of the ‘System’ album and the new EP will now happen simultaneously. We moved on and realized that there’s no point in promoting only the ‘System’ album and not playing the new songs within our live set. 

You will soon be playing at Kocka in Split. Are you expecting a full Kocka, because there hasn’t been a real concert for two years? What can they expect from you?

G: Believe it or not Kocka was next in line of gigs we had announced just days prior to the pandemic. Go figure. We hope to see a bunch of people there, old friends and a few new faces. Fu.king restrictions are off and people can’t wait to go to shows and have fun. We never played at Kocka before with any of our previous incarnations, so we can’t wait to get there. Don’t miss it!

How do you see the metal scene in Croatia? What is good for you and what is not good for you?

B: The scene is very small, which is devastating but at the same time can have its advantages. Pandemic practically smothered bands that were holding by a thin line, so there’s even less functional bands and functional venues now versus the pre-pandemic time. On the other hand, since the metal scene is so small, bands and promoters are now helping each other, organizing gigs together and remaining in contact with each other. Our best example is the band Keops we mentioned earlier. Just before Corona hit us Arises hosted Keops in our home town of Zadar and as soon as they could they invited us to open their album promotion in Zagreb, and who knows… maybe we’ll play with them again sometime soon. I bet we will!

As a band that comes from Zadar, how do you see the scene in Zadar and is there any band that you think are the young forces of the Zadar metal scene?

G: Yeah, put up one of your palms, count the fingers and that’s how many functional metal bands there are in Zadar on a good day. The scene in Zadar was small enough even before the pandemic started and now there’s only a few of us ‘older’ dudes not giving up. I really hope lineups of younger bands could stick together longer.

What are your plans for the future, have you already arranged concerts this summer?

G: Yeah, not sure if we ever felt more alive than these days. We really do feel as a proper band again. We have several spring dates done or lined up and there are several bigger summer shows we await eagerly. Right now we’re booking the autumn/winter part of the year, so please note that we’re available and willing if you feel a strong urge to book us And you know the old saying: If you book ‘em, they’ll come!

And finally if you want to say something to the readers of Metal Jacket Magazine?

G: Please, be kind and thankful for the effort the MJM crew is putting in for the promotion of the genre. Some of the crew I know for a long time and there’s nothing stopping them believe you me. Thank you MJM!

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