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Interview: Схоластика

by Ivona Bogner

This might be one of the weirdest interviews we have done by now. Since we don’t speak Russian, and our guests don’t speak English, we have, with the help of organizer, Vidoje Murić, conducted a brief interview with Схоластика at Club Fest, Zemun, Serbia on March 18th, 2018.

Ivona: Welcome to Serbia! What brings you back to our country for the second time?
Юрий: We like your country very much. Also, Vidoje is our friend. He organized our first tour, so since he is our friend, we can not reject him. Our previous visit here was also at the beginning of spring, so it’s a very nice trend!

Srđan: What has changed since your last visit?
Юрий: Well, our line up has changed. Last time, there were three of us, Юрий played drums and did the vocals, now only vocals. Владимир switched from guitar to bass, we have a new guitar player, Анатолий, and of course, our new drummer Евгений.

Ivona: The band changed its name twice before Схоластика?
Юорий: Yes, at the beginning we were known as Третий Вавилон before changing our name to Схоластика.

Ivona: What about F.N.Y.?
At this point they could not get a consensus, the manager tried to solve that mystery, but in the end we decided not to press the issue.

Ivona: Since 1992 you have only released two albums. What is the main problem you are facing when making an album?
Юорий: Yeah, you are correct, we have two official albums.
Юорий Хмелв: Three!
Юорий: When you are 20 you really kind of don’t have money for much, so making an album is a difficult task. The only way to record an album back in the day was to go to Moscow and that isn’t cheap, not to mention that the 90’s was a period of economic crisis and inflation in Russia. We are working on our new album now, and have a plan to release it by the end of this year.

Ivona: As we already mentioned, the band was formed in 1992. You guys grew up in the period of Cold War, how did you discover metal?
Юрий: Since 1983, we’ve personally come in contact with a lot of information from the entire world. That was the moment we started listening to metal. It wasn’t really a problem to find anything we wanted.

Ivona: Which were the first bands you liked?
Юрий: Metallica, AC/DC, Accept…
Евгений: Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple. I am little bit older so…

Srđan: Any punk influences?
Юрий: At the beginning of the 90’s, in our home town of Bryansk it was trendy to be punk and to style a Mohawk.
Евгений: We were very much into Sex Pistols, Exploited.
Юрий: We are punks in our souls!

Srđan: There are not a lot of Russian metal bands that are known in these parts, well except maybe Arkona, can you tell us something more about the status of Russian metal bands?
Юорий: Well, the current status of Russian metal bands is quite good. We are spreading information using social medias, mostly FB. Also, we are selling CD’s and touring across the Europe. Overall, we are satisfied.

Ivona: The most significant metal event in Russia was the Moscow Peace Festival. The first Russian hard rock/heavy metal band that made international success is Gorky Park. Can you compare the metal scene in Russia during the Yeltin and Putin rule? It would seems as though during the Yeltin era more metal bands were coming to Russia, whereas recently, bands like Behemoth and Morbid Angel were banned.
Юорий: There really is no censorship per se around here, and one shouldn’t trust propaganda much. Stuff like homosexuality, fascism and Satanism are banned in Russia which was the reason why those bands were not allowed to play. However, in global, there are no bigger problems.

Srđan: Can you recall some of your favorite concerts, as fans and as a band.
Юорий: 1991 Metallica, AC/DC, Pantera, at Monsters of Rock in Moscow. There was between 750,000 and 1,000,000 people, and it was amazing. There were so many great concerts across Russia. We would mention, as Схоластика, for example, the Kruševac gig a couple days ago. It was so good, I lost my voice.

Ivona: Whom would you like to support?
Юорий: Antrax, Slayer, Kreator.

Ivona: It is kind of strange that you are metal fans and yet, you don’t speak English.  You’ll have to learn it by our next interview. How do you understand the lyrics?
Юорий: English fits naturally with metal. Do you like Arkona? Did you listen to to their lyrics?

Srđan: Yes, and Alkonost as well.
Юорий: Do you understand what the lyrics are about?

Srđan: No!
Юорий:  Same with English and us.

Ivona: It seems that Russian metal bands are coming more often to Serbia. Just a few weeks ago Imperial Age from Moscow supported Therion in Belgrade.
Юорий: We have never heard about them.

Ivona: Maybe they did not hear about you?
Схоластика: (Laugh)

Ivona: So, what’s the next Russian Metal Bands invade Serbia Tour?
Юорий: Great idea! We would take a plane and come together.

Predrag: Can you recommend us some other Russian metal bands, maybe death metal?
Юорий: I don’t listen to death metal much, but maybe you’d like Dehydrated, female vocals. Pretty solid stuff.

Ivona: We will leave you to prepare yourselves for tonight’s show. Thank you for your time, all the best! Hope to see you soon! Is there anything you would like to say at the end of our conversation?
Юорий: Thank you so much. We would like to thank all Serbian fans, organizers, support bands, everyone who helped. Every day, we have more fans and more friends in Serbia. All the credits go to Vidoje, our organizer, for his patience.

Схоластика & MJM crew

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