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Innasanatorium Reveal Artwork, Tracklist & Video Night Terrors

by Natas Dog

Innasanatorium are ready to take their music and vision as far as they can, all around Australia and abroad. Armed and ready with their astonishing debut album Odyssey Of The Mind ready to drop, keep a close eye on this excellent new West Australian band. If you are looking for riff-tastic and message-driven progressive thrash metal with a perfect blend of old school and new school influences, look no further than INNASANATORIUM!!!

Odyssey Of The Mind will be released on July 10th. The band releases their amazing artwork and tracklist (below). Further, the band dropped the official video for the song Single Night Terrors.

Singer Adam about the song: “It’s basically about having vivid nightmares every night which slowly start creeping into the waking world which leads to insanity.”

Adam Bomb McDonald – Vocals
Ryan Pearce – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Rapid Man – Guitars
Metal C (Tim) – Bass
Justin Sanity (Kelvin) – Backing Vocals & Manager

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