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Infrared Return With Impressive New Album “From the Black Swamp” + Video For Title Track

by Metal Jacket

Infrared are a blast from the past with their genuine 80s sound. They first hit the Canadian metal scene in 1986 with their demo, but shortly after, went on a very long hiatus. In 2014, they reformed and since then have put out two full-lengths and an EP with another full-length “From the Black Swamp” on the horizon for this Autumn.

The first single off this new album is the title track, a dark and classic tune that is themed in betrayal and abuse by those closest to you. The band further explains their epic song:

“From the Black Swamp is a metal lover’s delight. It has all the elements of a classic thrash metal song, with a big intro, ripping riffs, mid-tempo verses, big bridge, and an epic outro. At just over six minutes, you won’t find yourself revisiting familiar territory to the point of being too repetitive. This song is about the insidious form of psychological abuse perpetrated on one victim after another. Hook your prey, then taunt and torture them over the long term all while betraying them in such a cruel fashion that if not caught in time and defended against, will surely destroy you. Only truth can save you.”

Infrared started as many bands do, with a love for playing music that they loved and in this case, it was Metallica’s “Kill ‘Em All”, from which Kirk Gidley (guitar) and Armin Kamal (vocals/guitar) were inspired to write Infrared’s first single “No Peace”. Shortly after, they found locals Alain Groulx (drums) and Shawn Thompson (bass) and the lineup was set. Now, they are stoked to be bringing this new album to ears around the world and show they are still producing high-quality 80s thrash metal 35 years later.

Considerable amounts of experience work well for the band, who hold their own on stage and have a lot of fun playing and involving the audience, they are no stranger to the stage having played with a myriad of thrash legends including Sacrifice both before and after their hiatus. They are hungry to hit the stage once more when the time comes but until then, fans will have to enjoy this new album.

The entirety of the album will be released on September 30, 2021.

Track Listing:
1. Tribal Junction – 4:49
2. No Master, No Gods – 4:39
3. Lockdown – 4:02
4. Left Lane F√₵K! – 4:19
5. Eat Your Own – 4:58
6. From the Black Swamp – 6:11
7. Evil Ascent – 5:22
8. Blood & Sweat – 5:04
9. Eternal Exile – 5:09
10. Tradimento – 4:31
11. Beautiful Death – 4:31
12. SemitaDomum – 6:32
Album Length: 1:00:13

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Kirk Gidley – Guitar
Alain Groulx – Drums
Mike Forbes – Bass
Armin Kamal – Vocals, Guitar

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