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INFIDUS release new single on CRIME RECORDS!

by Metal Jacket

Infidus – the Norwegian/Swedish 5-piece – captures some dark messages with their debut album “Endless Greed”. However, the musical landscape is diverse with heavy riff passages and catchy melody lines, and you will find a bold blend of classic rock and modern progressive metal.

On April 7th, Infidus strike back with yet another single from their debut. “The theme of Locomotive is overconsumption and ignorance. It is an uncritical growth and prosperity development in society with large over-consumption. There is a rush for more profit, the locomotive is increasing. The ocean life drowns and dies in rubbish and plastic. We ignore and choose to be blind in the long run.”, says the band.

Written and directed by Ella A. Rogne.
Album produced by Infidus
Mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman, Gothenburg (In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, At the Gates, Bring me the Horizon, Dream Evil).
Album Artwork by Ella A Rogne.

Trond Lund – Drums
Øyvind Østensen – Bass
Mikael Willy Wilhelmsson – Lead Vocals
Øyvind Hetland – Guitar, Vocal
Kenneth Andresen – Guitar, Vocal

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