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Infest supports Hour Of Penance in Novi Sad

by Ivona Bogner

Italian death metallers, Hour Of Penance, are finally in Serbia! On September 25, 2018, Italians will hit the stage at SKC Fabrika, Novi Sad supported by Infest.

Influenced at first by a combination of black and death metal, Hour of Penance would soon move away from those styles, and being influenced by Cannibal Corpse. Their first demo “Promo 2000” hit the scene in 2000, and was followed by their first album, “Disturbance”, in 2003. By this time they had laid the groundwork by playing the Swedish death metal festival at Gothenburg and signed with Spanish label Xtreem. A well-received effort, “Disturbance” was followed by the album “Pageantry for Martyrs” in 2005, which won the band some scene awards. Since then the band has released a further 5 albums: “The Vile Conception” (2008), “Paradogma” (2010), “Sedition” (2012), “Regicide” (2014) and “Cast the First Stone” (2017).

Infest, Serbian deathrash metal band from Jagodina / Belgrade formed in 2002 will stand face to face with Hour Of Penance.
From the early beginning, Infest caress the spirit of old school deathrash metal madness and until now have released 5 full length albums and, 2 demos and one EP. Infest had released LP version of “Cold Blood War” through Xtreem Music from Spain.

Infest is one of the most active bands from the region, and have played on many festivals, more than 6 European tours, gigs, and as a supporting band for lot of bands like Sodom, Sinister, Kataklysm, Keep Of Kalessin and many more…

On previous albums, Infest had some special guests like Adrie (Sinister), Honza (Avenger), Thebon (Keep of Kalessin), which gave a special note to Infest sound.

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