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Incessant will release soon their debut EP “Perennial Umbra”

by Natas Dog

Irish black metal band Incessant will release soon their debut EP “Perennial Umbra” [LP].

“Perennial Umbra” will give you the experience of loud and heavy bands of the late 60s, 70s, and 80s while driving forward the sound and atmosphere of black and death metal today.

Incessant wishes to honor the ethos of pushing creativity to the extremes through sonically tangible means. Music doesn’t need to be perfected and refined to the point of becoming sterile and soulless, it is a primitive instinct that has birthed this release resulting in a dark and twisted yet melodically enrapturing musical experience.

This new release is an expression of the hell-broth of humanity we all have found ourselves in through some cosmic lottery. It is a reflection of the deep shadowed underside of consciousness and it is a defiant stance on creating from the heart despite all of this. Take what you will from the above, though music cannot be sufficiently encapsulated with words, you can only listen and interpret for yourself.

Orders available at this link: www.invictusproductions.net.

C.S – Vocals and Guitar
A.C – Bass
J.S – Drums

Recorded live at Studio 1, Dublin City, Ireland, August 28th-30th, 2020

Recorded by Marco S.Vermiglio, Mixed and mastered by Marco S.Vermiglio at The Devil’s Mark Studio

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