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IGNITED Release ‘Shining Void’ Live Video

by Natas Dog

International heavy metal band, IGNITED, have released a live music video for ‘Shining Void‘. The track is taken from their live album SteelLive.

The video was recorded at the live performance from November 10th in 2019, Bar Opinião, Porto Alegre-RS, Brazil. The very first time IGNITED performed live and had the opportunity to record the set. 

IGNITED a ground pounding slab of intense heavy metal, featuring classic traits from the NWOBHM and traditional styles of metal.

SteelLive Tracklist:

1. Ignition
2. Pain
3. Ground Pounding
4. Call Me to Run
5. Living in the Dark
6. Shining Void
7. Steelbound

IGNITED current line-up is:

Denis Lima – Vocals (ex Herege)
Dalton Castro – Guitars (ex Herege)
Marti Bellucci – Bass (ex Herege)
Maurício Velasco – Drums (ex Herege)

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