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Hypnotic doom metal gig!

by Vjeran

Slovenian Chains has been on the scene since 2010, and over time they have established themselves as one of the most important Slovenian metal bands. Over the years they have changed their sound, but one thing has always been present in their sound – dark, rolling music that invokes various names as references.

Sam Etienne Von Chelleri (vocals/guitar), the founder of a group that once acted as a one-man band, and is currently accompanied by Matz Sick (drums), points out that his role models in the beginning were Sunn O))), Electric Wizard or Moss, and over time the sound of Chains gained a lot of metal components, so now it can be most easily called dark hypnotic doom.
Over the years, Chains have released a lot of releases – albums, EPs, joint albums with different groups, and their work is getting more and more recognition from the world’s relevant media dealing with metal music, so it’s not surprising that they are often on tours, and we will have them opportunity to watch in Močvara.

“Spirituality, occultism and psychoactive windows are still opened for total inspiration of Chains. They use those winds very well and transform them into active driving force and now with safety we can say, one of the leading Slovenian metal bands.” Metal Jacket Magazine

Løben is a project behind Rihard Lobenwein, an artist who, in addition to music, is also involved in fine art, and the common denominator of his artistic work would be a fascination with the dark perception of life.

His music could most easily be called gothic blues, and Løben often reaches for famous songs that he covers in his own manner, so the visitors of this concert will also hear classics like “Paint It Black” and “Summer Wine” in a crazy, goth blues version.

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