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Hot New January Releases: Elfsong – Quintessence (Power Metal/ Epic Symphonic Metal)

by Vjeran

The band was formed in 2010 Tatabánya, Hungary with a purpose to bring heavy/power metal together with symphonic orchestral music and heroic stories.

First album was a metal opera based on a book, written by Ferenc Somlói guitarist, and lead of the group. Band experimented with many singers, and thanks to that album, they found Dani, who is still the vocalist of band!  

Before the second album, a firm lineup was formed, and after nearly 10 years, band are lucky to say, that we have the exact same lineup.

Songs is about mythology, fantasy stories, old legends, heroic deeds.

“We are active roleplayers and fantasy fanatics, so fortunately we don’t have a shortage on ideas and inspiration. Our native language is Hungarian, and most of our songs are in Hungarian as well. But we always wanted to experiment with English songs.”

With this 4th album Encyclopedia Nova Creatura band also released a 5th titled Quintessence, which is a best of album of songs in English.

Band Line Up:
Racs Attila (drums)
Viktor Nagy (bass)
Dániel Szöllősi (vocals)
Ferenc Somlói (songwriter, guitars + lyrics)
Ferenc Somlói Jr. (songwriter, guitars)

CD Tracklist:

1- North Sea Adventures
2- Prometheus
3- Dagor Nuin Giliath
4- Silverwing
5- The Iron King of Mountain deep
6- Vlad
7- King of the Deep Sea
8- The Returning
9- The Devil of the Seven Seas

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