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HISS FROM THE MOAT Release New Album On Oct 28th, First single out now

by Vjeran

Italian death/black metal beasts HISS FROM THE MOAT will make their post-pandemic return this fall with a new album, “The Way Out Of Hell,” that’s due out October 28th from Distortion Music Group. Today, the band has revealed the album’s first single, “The Killing of Innocence.” 

The Way Out Of Hell” Tracklisting:

1. The Way Out Of Hell
2. I Am The Deceived
3. Staring At The Abyss
4. Generation Of Cowardice
5. The Killing Of Innocence
6. Bury Me
7. All I Have
8. A Gallows Of Mirrors
9. The Magnificent Vision

Following 2019’s acclaimed record, “The Harrier,” the band’s impending, monstrous third full-length is an extension of their signature, menacing sound while it carves out a unique place in the the blackened underground as they search for the light amidst the darkness.

Commenting on the over arching theme of the record, drummer James Payne states: “The idea behind The Way Out Of Hell came from how we feel that life is: a very difficult thing to go through with a lot of pain and challenges to deal with, from which not everyone makes it all the way to the end, and especially free of a lot of the misery that occur to anyone during this journey. 

The artwork represent the struggle of a human being trying to breath through plastic, and that was the best way to represent the feel we had while writing the songs and the lyrics. Musically it’s one of the most extreme works we have ever done. 

When we were having a conversation about what did we want to communicate with our music, before starting the writing session, we realized that we didn’t really relate to the very satanic and black metal type of scenography that is very popular in metal nowadays, we actually felt the opposite way, we felt that all of us, in our lives, all we were doing was finding a way out of hell, not a way to worship it. So, we flipped the coin.

This album is our way to express the feelings about how life is a hard, complicated and confusing way out of hell, there are many things, emotions and people that get in your way, but that’s what life is: getting out of it going through as less suffering as possible.“

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