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Hereafter Set To Release Debut EP on Sonic Velocity Records

by Vjeran

Since the pandemic a multitude of collaborations and side projects for many artists and musicians alike have spawned. Coming out of the Philadelphia/New Jersey arena, the Doom Groove Metal band Hereafter, which features vocalist Chris Natalini (former Blood Feast), drummer Mad T (Corners of Sanctuary), bassist Robert Bigler (Burned in Effigy) and guitarist/producer Mick Michaels (Corners of Sanctuary), have released their debut EP titled “Fires of the Flame” via Sonic Velocity Records.

Hereafter presents a melodically charged mixture of guitar-driven vigor, rhythmically potent drums, a bottomless pit of booming bass topped off with a heaping load of razor sharp vocals. “Fires of the Flame” superbly exudes this band’s ability to seamlessly capture a subtle level of intensity along with a natural flow of musicality and grace which many critics today feel is now missing in modern music.

The goal was to create something that has it own unique personality…it’s own musical footprint…that differed from what we all were already doing elsewhere,”  said guitarist/producer Mick Michaels. “And I think we’ve done that with this project.”

Hereafter delivers their own hard driving, methodical twist of Metal for fans of the genre to experience and sink their teeth into.

It was something different that I’ve never done before which intrigued me,” said Hereafter vocalist Chris Natalini. “…plus joining us was Mad T and Bert…it was a definite yes.

Track listing:
1. Different Kind of Something
2. I Can Feel the Power
3. Fires of the Flame
4. Devil By Your Side

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