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Help Adrian “Covan” Kowanek (ex- Decapitated) to get his new wheelchair!

by Ivona Bogner

Adrian Kowanek used to be the vocalist of the Polish Death Metal bands Atrophia Red Sun (1994-1998) and Decapitated (2005-2007).  He was also the touring vocalist for technical death metal band Sceptic.

In 2007, Decapitated had a tour bus accident on Russia/Belarus border. Witold Kieltyka (Vitek) and Adrian Kowanek were seriously injured. Unfortunately, Vitek had died on Novemer 2, 2007. Adrian suffers from cerebral hypoxia and is totally paralyzed since then. He needs a new wheelchair since the one he is using at the moment is 20 years old. 

New wheelchair and all needed modifications will cost around 9500 euros. This is big amount for his family since they are paying therapists and the treatments Adrian needs monthly by themselves.

So, metalheads unite! Help Adrian to get new wheelchair! Donate money here:


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