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HELLDPROD sets release date for EUTHANIZED and reveals new track

by Natas Dog

Helldprod Records sets June 30 as the international release date for Euthanized‘s new demo, Sanguine Spectacle, on cassette format.


Dwelling from the somber corners of British Colombia since 2014 a steady and horrendous line-up has built its infamous but loyal reputation. The crimson aura emanated from their past releases are merely haunting shadows that lurk in the void as their poignant chants set the only path possible for humankind. Here, death and darkness prevail in a despicable black mass that disturbs the most unspeakable torments.

For those about to be acquainted with EUTHANIZED, we guarantee you that these prophets of hell and bringers of doom will forge their eternal scars upon your soul and flesh with their new demo ravishingly untitled “Sanguine Spectacle”. The songs presented here will dilacerate yourself, layer by layer, and we are only talking about 16 minutes of anguish and suffering sustained by a ruthless demonic march into oblivion.

Silence will be raped and flaming blood streams will conquer the living futile domains of Man. Be sure to hear and get these “Sanguine Spectacle” hymns as EUTHANIZED will surely lead the rats from your womb to your tomb in a sacrilege procession into this archaic world.
Praise & Rot!

Tracklist and Cover are as follows:

Euthanized‘s Sanguine Spectacle Tracklist: 
1. Sanguine Spectacle [04:43]
2. Bleach Bone Monolith [04:36]
3. Revert to Savagery [03:18]
4. Live Like an Angel [03:21]

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