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HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY new album “Mӕre” is released and available as full stream

by Natas Dog

The malicious “Mӕre” has come to haunt you in your sleep and might be the reason why you haven’t been able to breathe at night for quite a few months now.

With their latest album being finally released , Austria’s blackgaze pioneers HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY perfectly capture the beauty of paralysis and despair and release this fifth studio album right in time for their 10th band anniversary.

While Legacy magazine (GER) proclaimed the album to be a “must have release for 2021” and Scream (NO) praising it to be “so captivating that one doesn’t even notice its massive length of over eighty minutes”, you can now make up your own mind about “Mӕre” that is available on all DSPs and as full album stream here:

For the physical editions, you can grab your copy via these links:
AOP Records (EU-Shop) https://shop.aoprecords.de
In case you missed the band’s previous singles, check out the latest songs here:
‘I, Pallbearer’
‘Sing For The Damage We’ve Done’ (feat. Neige Of Alcest): https://youtu.be/zuN_bewAxvI

‘And Oceans Between Us’https://youtu.be/iKjINpBTmmM
‘I’m All About The Dusk’ (drum pro-shot): https://youtu.be/EZyEv7lHEeY
‘Song To Say Goodbye’https://youtu.be/r2ladbYBeWU

M.S. – guitar, bass, songwriting
J.J. – vocals, lyrics 

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