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HammerFall at Wacken Open Air next year!

by Ivona Bogner
foto: Tallee Savage

Great news for HammerFall and Wacken fans! Swedes announced the big show in 2019 at world’s biggest metal festival.

Joacim Cans states:

Yes, it’s true! HammerFall is returning to Wacken Open Air in 2019 after five long years. My best memories so far from Wacken must be the show in 1997. It was packed! Eight to ten thousand people… Well, that was packet back than. Now, it’s gonna be way more people. I’m so excited about this!

Oscar Dronjak recalls his memories:

We played there so many time and I’ve been there a several times myself as a spectator. I have a lot of memories from Wacken Open Air. One of my absolute favorite times I think it would be 2002. I got there to see Stormwitch, which is one of my all time favorite bands as well as Warlord with Joacim on vocals. We played “Child Of The Damned” together with guys on the stage. That was a pretty memorable for me. But, we are not here to talk about the past, we’re here to talk about the future. So, stay tuned because on Wacken Open Air 2019 we will return!

As a reminder: HammerFall will be back to Serbia for fourth time on 30 October at SKC Fabrika, Novi Sad! See you there!

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