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Gruesome share new music video for “Fatal Illusions”

by Mislav Mihaljević

Death metallers Gruesome have shared the official video for “Fatal Illusions” off the impending “Twisted Prayers” full-length album, due to June 1st via Relapse Records.

Matt Harvey explains:

Fatal Illusions is a track that was truly co-written by Dan, Gus and myself musically and it was a lot of fun to arrange everyone’s riffs while we put the song together. One of the coolest things about this new record, for me personally, is that the writing has become more and more of a team effort, which is invigorating and keeps things interesting for us. When looking at Spiritual Healing for inspiration, one of the more depressing realizations that I came to as far as the lyrics, was that many of the topics that Death was addressing back in 1990 are still major issues today. As everyone knows, mass shootings have reached epidemic proportions in this country and we felt that it was a very ‘death metal’ appropriate topic to tackle. This tune is more about the delusions that lead someone to commit this kind of violence; the mindset that would make someone take such a drastic and tragic course of action. Before anyone starts projecting their own politics on the song, this is not an anti or pro-gun song. This is an anti-mass shooting song. And if you think that there’s anything controversial about that, you can fuck right off.

Watch the full NSFW video below.

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