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Groove metal band SLOWMESH premiere new song and music video Isolate

by Metal Jacket

Hungarian southern rockers SLOWMESH are back with the first song off their second full-length, set to be released on 10.12.2020. as a bonus CD of HammerWorld Magazine (Hungary).

The band melts groove metal and stoner rock tunes into a perfect blend for lovers of Alice in ChainsStone Sour and Black Stone Cherry; and they are committed to take a step out into the world with their new album “Isolate”, following their critically acclaimed 2017 debut, “Something New”. The music video of the title song is already available for streaming on their YouTube channel. 

Isolate” continues building on the same fundations that were laid on the debut album (Something New, 2017) with southern-seasoned low guitar riffs and all nifty elements there is to love about kickass stoner rock & roll. In the same time “Isolate” brings a great variation of new components to the table, ranging from dark country, punk rock, and grunge, making it a unique and diverse record, bearing the most uplifting moments the genre can offer with the darker, much more bleak bits as well. 

Vocalist Dávid Szabó’s comments about the new song: “Some of our songs on this record are just like they had predicted our future. The title song ‘Isolate’ focuses on the theme of self-isolation. Back then when we wrote this song, self-isolation was just a bad result of using too many electronic devices, which made us forget the real value of our world. It only took a couple of weeks, and isolation has been turned into necessity, which could save our health.”

The band was joined by several guest musicians this time. “Ladyguest” features a marvellous lady guestSarolta Farkas (Buttercup) on vocals, Péter Kálló (ex-SlowmeshÁkosRúzsa Magdi) makes an appearance on guitars for “Liquid Love”, and producer Szabolcs Tari also contributed to multiple songs, he played keyboards on “Out of Reach” and the classical guitar outro of “Sunflower” for instance.

2020.12.15. – Nail Records ‎(HMR Music Kft.)
01. Add To Cart (0:57)
02. Sold Out (2:33)
03. Isolate (3:42)
04. Little Rock Nine (3:25)
05. Ladyguest (3:54)
06. Out Of Reach (2:56)
07. Liquid Love (2020 edition) (3:32)
08. Just A Guy (3:47)
09. Up To You (2:52)
10. Together Alone (3:46)
11. Sunflower (6:16)

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