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From The Graves – Rise of the Macabre

by Bart Tomaszewski
1.  Awakning of Death
2.  Night of Necro Violence
3.  Burried Deep Beneath
4.  Malleus Malleficarum (I Am)
5.  Visions of Apocalypse
6.  Leading Tormanted Soui
7.  Primitives Horrorss
8.  Hanged to Death
9.  The path of the Cannibal
10. Nocturnal the Beast
Label: Independent
Date: March 3rd, 2019

Some time ago, not too long one, to be honest, I got this stuff from one of my Metal Brothers. Country he come from is an island where Metal bands are tolerate by the government, but have to be in total underground and never had too huge chances to present their music to Metalheads outside of their own, the biggest in Caribbean, island. Since few, literally FEW, years situation is a little bit better, coz internet came over there. But this still like “oh shit, are they allowed to have bands over there?!?”. So I’m double or even triple happy I got opportunity to get to know this band and be able to review their debut album – released of course independently only in digital version (I’m not sure if there’s even possibility to release music like that on CD over there, so in this case I’ll don’t complain on digital albums at all!) last year, after four years of existence. By the way, some kind of curio is the fact that they released two albums 2019  (one on March and one on the last days of December).

On “Rise…” you can find ten tracks, some of them are or beginning with great and very accurate in this kind of music, in my opinion, intros. Well, the first one “Awakening of Death” reminds me (and am sure it’ll be not only abut myself) especially with its feeling creativity of some Danish who’s a king of Metal and the best, or at least one of the best, but I think the best one actually,vocalist in this genre of music. Well, I guess not only in this genre of music. Anyways, music which you’ll be able to hear after this into isn’t what Kim create. Our Cuban brothers create something much more extreme – I especially didn’t use word “brutal”, coz brutality in music has several faces and doesn’t have to mean playing with light speed. From the Graves play pure old school Death Metal. You can hear on here influences of several bands and even schools of playing this genre. I mostly connote it with Scandinavian one somehow, but… The tempo, as on music like that, is mostly quite slow. Guys, it seems are more interesting in creating brutal heaviness. We have also a lot of technique and changes of tempo. Well, that’re more some speed ups, actually. But generally some Death Metal waltz is crushing us during listening to “Rise…”

Album, as I said, is available only in digital version, but hopefully some day it’ll be possible to get it on regular CD. This music just deserve on that and that’s all what I wanna say!

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