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Former Svarog vocalist died at the age of 48!

by Metal Jacket

Boško Blažić, former Svarog vocalist, died at the age of 48 on February 1, 2020!

Svarog was formed on November 1993 by the guitarist Zoran Đuroski “Đura Mysterious” (a former Brainstorm, Crist, SMF, Pussycat and Overdose member), vocalist Boško Blažić (a former Sunrise member), drummer Vladimir Vilovski “Šola” (a former Brainstorm and Sick Mother Fakers member) and bassist Milan Barković “Bare” (a former Pussycat member). The band was one of the first Serbian sludge/doom metal bands in Serbia.

On November 5, 1994 performance, Svarog  recorded concert held at the Belgrade KST club, for a live album. That album was released as “Smor” as an  independent release. The album was available on compact cassette only, featured thirteen tracks, including cover versions of the Discharge “Final Bloodbath” and Black Sabbath song “Electric Funeral. During the Spring of 1996, vocalist Boško Blažić left the band, and Svarog became a trio.

Unfortunately, we have the sad news. Boško left us few days ago. He will be remembered as a pioneer of sludge/doom metal in Serbia.

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