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Former Eluveitie violinist released new video for single “Kiss The Sky”

by Vjeran

Ahead of her sci-fi concept EP titled “The Intrepid Child Of Venus”, which will be released later this year, Swiss-Croatian Meri Tadić breaks a three year silence with a new full band sound.

“Kiss The Sky” introduces a planetary tale about a terrestrial delinquent who was alienated by the Earth and its inhabitants followed by exile to Venus, but now the child returns to avenge a marred planet and stir up some trouble.

The first song from the upcoming EP represents the first contact with mankind and is a deeply joyful ode to the human insignificance. Seemingly devastating, the song conveys a thoroughly liberating feeling about how little power the human species actually holds. In any case, the song asks you to kiss the sky more often, as it is laying it all out in front of you, every single day, everywhere.

For the first time since her leaving of Eluveitie, Meri Tadić is recording new material with a full band line-up, which includes drummer David Preissel from post-rockers Glaston, Guitarist Silvan Lüscher and Swiss Jazz bassist Manu Rindlisbacher.

As the passion for visualizing her music has always been a strong part of IRIJ, furthermore her new video was directed, produced and also edited by Tadić. The story is yet to be continued.

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