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Forgotten Scream release song “Inspiration”

by Metal Jacket

Forgotten Scream is a metalcore band from Zrenjanin, Serbia formed in 2010 by guitarists Julian Vojin and Antal Kovac after writing their first song together, Forgotten Scream. The band name came from a dream which Julijan had, symbolizing repressed bad emotions. In a way, Forgotten Scream serves members, as well as listeners (hopefully), as a way of dealing with anger, bad emotions.

FS as a trio with Nebojša Grujić on vocals releases the first edition of Changes in 2017 in March. The video for the song “Beneath the Demon” was realized with the help of photographer Miroslav Marinkovic, who then recommended today’s drummer Nikola Nenin.

Nikola then recommended Jovan Djukic for bass, and sometime during the “Dani Piva” in Zrenjanin the current line-up of the FS was officially formed.

After the band was finally formed, FS decides to release the reissue of their first album – ”Changes” with a slightly better mix being that its the album behind which all five members stand proudly, although the same recordings were used. “We believe that this album is what best represents the five of us as musicians. And after a year of playing together, we decided to offer people a better release than the one two years ago.”

“We chose Inspiration as the second single because it is primarily interesting instrumentally and the lyrics are very appropriate for the current situation, so we merged the playthrough and lyric video into one. One of the last songs we finished for Hourglass and we believe that the chorus will get into your ears very quickly. The song talks about that no matter how bad the world seems to be, if you focus on what you love, what makes you happy, you can make the world a better place .”

FS is currently in the process of recording a second album called “Hourglass” which will feature 13 new songs, the first was released on March 18th 2020 – “Beyond the Horizon

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