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FLESHGORE new lyric video online

by Metal Jacket

Veteran Ukrainian Brutal Death band FLESHGORE, have just launched a lyric video of the song “Inhuman Existence” as a 2nd advance single from their imminent 6th album entitled “Carnival of Flesh“, which will see the light on December 20th through Xtreem Music, on CD and Digital formats.

Formed in 2000, FLESHGORE are one of the oldest and most constant bands within the European Brutal Death scene. The band already released their 5th album “Denial of the Scriptures” in 2016 through Xtreem Music and they return home for the release of their 6th album “Carnival of Flesh”, which will undoubtedly delight any lover of the best Brutal Death in the vein of bands like DYING FETUS, SUFFOCATION, SEVERE TORTURE, PYREXIA, SKINLES…

The tracklist for “Carnival of Flesh” is as follows:

01. Distorted Lights
02. Carnival of Flesh
03. Inhuman Existence
04. Buried Truth
05. Modern Arts of Slavery
06. Hive of Insanity
07. Invisible Reality
08. Frail Utopia
09. War is an Amusement
10. Ad Astra

The release date for “Carnival of Flesh” will be December 20th through Xtreem Music on CD & Digital formats. 

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