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Flames of Fire debut album hitting the stores March 18, 2022

by Metal Jacket

Flames of Fire’s is set for to finally release the debut album of Flames of Fire and their video for the song Solution the focus song on this album. Very epic song in the same style as classic songs done by Rainbow & Black Sabbath –  Heaven and Hell, Stargazer & Gates of Babylon.

The album continues in the roots of classic heavy metal style anno 2022

Flames of Fire started and showed the world with 1st & 2nd singles Gloria & Madness influenced by classic heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden, Stryper, Dio and Crimson Glory, that used a lot of twin guitars. Soaring vocal style like Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford. Feedback has been tremendous both for the singles as well as top reviews coming in for the debut album.

Then the war came February 24 and Christian have a lot of fans and friends in Ukraine and was really touched like many what he saw on the news, especially when families were splitted at the border and women and children were separated from their men who is fighting for Ukraine in the war. Christian is close friend to Allan Ekstedt who is in charge for the charity organization Eskilstuna Ger means Eskilstuna Gives. Eskilstuna is Christian´s hometown. Christian and his brother Hubertus Liljegren and Mats-Åke wrote Tears of Freedom and then recorded it very fast and made a video for it. So far many thousands of Euro have reached the victims of through “Eskilstuna Ger” to support in this chaotic times of the world.

The song Solution continue the battle we see today between good and evil and want to bring a message of heavenly hope that all will be settled once and for all one day. God bless you all!

Producer and guitarist Jani Stefanovic has brought a more modern approach in sound combined with classic Heavy metal and fans love this mix and new fans coming in everyday on social media.

Flames of Fire wanted to mix the best elements from classic Heavy metal with a production of 2022, to make the sound unique, and is very pleased with the result.

Christian Liljegren – Vocals
Mats-Åke Andersson – Guitars, composer
Jani Stefanovic – Guitars, keyboards, drums & producer
Stephen Carlson – Guitars
Per Schelander – Bass
Alfred Friddhagen – Drums

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